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Welcome to 2 Degrees!

I got a call the other day from an area code I’ve never seen before: 208. Twin Falls, Idaho. It was from a FedEx truck driver who had just delivered samples of 2 Degrees bars to a friend. He had gotten my number from the receipt of the shipping label.

“Will, you don’t know me, but I just dropped off some of your bars” he said. “Your friend told me all about 2 Degrees. I had to give you a call. I’ve been driving trucks for 15 years and I’ve never been more proud of a shipment. I’m gonna tell everyone I see about you guys, and I drive this thing from coast to coast.”

I wish I could have recorded it. I’ve never had a two-minute conversation that was so motivating. We started 2 Degrees with extremely aspirational goals. We founded the company to fight childhood malnutrition, a condition that affects 200 million kids. We’ve been told that our model, where we give a nutrition bar to a hungry child for every bar we sell, is crazy. But when I hung up the phone, everything seemed possible. The call confirmed a simple premise on which our success is based: that people care, that people want to make a difference.

Over the past several months, this premise has been confirmed time and again. The support we’ve received from family, friends, investors, and advisors has been overwhelming. The team we’ve assembled is as
passionate about our social mission as it is about outstanding food. We hope this is just the beginning. We hope this is a movement we can all get behind – from college students to compassionate moms to truck
drivers in Idaho.

On behalf of the team, welcome to 2 Degrees, and thank you for caring.

4 Responses to Welcome to 2 Degrees!

  1. Virginia Egger says: 

    Yum! I have just placed my first order for four boxes of the Two Degrees Variety Pack. The bars will be a part of our family’s weekend gathering in Boston to celebrate Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to introduce my relatives to these wonderful bars, but most importantly to the mission of Two Degrees. Congratulations on your vision and getting every part of the product, packaging and purpose right!

  2. Rana Chang says: 

    Congratulations on all your hard work! This website is wonderful and will definitely create amazing change in this world. I look forward to trying a bar soon :)

    Keep it up!

  3. Peter Walters says: 

    I just received my box of promotional bars here at Trinity College, and within literally a minute of leaving the mail room, the manager of a coffee shop on campus stopped me and asked about my “big box”. I explained to him the philosophy of Two Degrees, immediately, within even asking to try the bars, said he would like to purchase some for Peter B’s coffee shop. I think this is going to be big, guys. More than a company, I think this will truly become a movement that everyone will want to get behind!

    Good luck! And everyone spread the word!

  4. Nancy Reilly says: 

    These bars are amazing. Chewy, delicious, and like no other bar you have ever tried. Those reasons alone compel me to buy them again, but the fact that they do good in the world puts them in a very special category. I will keep a supply at my home for everyone to enjoy and I will feel great doing it! My personal favorite is the apple pecan bar.

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