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Emails That Make Your Day, Vol 2

Thanks to a great supporter of 2 Degrees for commenting about us on this Forbes post, and for forwarding us the email to tell us about it.  We love connecting with our fans through social media, and are happy to hear that someone thinks we’re doing a good job!

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On this post: Social Media Strategies for 2011: Misconceptions Mask Stumbling Points and Opportunities

” One company that has got it right, in my view, is 2 Degrees Food as a start up they have the advantage of integrating social media from day one. 2 Degrees Food™ is a one-for-one food company that feeds a hungry child with every product sold. By combining delicious, healthy nutrition bars with a commitment to giving a medically-formulated nutrition pack to a hungry child for every bar purchased, 2 Degrees’ products embrace the concept Is Good. Does Good.™ 2 Degrees has partnered with Valid Nutrition and Partners In Health, 2 organizations that bring deep expertise in formulation, manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge Ready-to-Use Foods to treat severe and chronic malnutrition in children. For more information about 2 Degrees, visit http://twodegreesfood.com. Great column! Laurance”

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