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On the Road with 2 Degrees

My name is Matt Gregory and I’m the Specialty Sales Director for 2 Degrees!

How do you feel when someone tries to sell you something? Do you give that person a moment of your time or do you pretend that you’re late for a meeting? Most of us (myself included!) speed up, pull out our cell phones, or stare determinedly at the sidewalk.

Luckily, selling 2 Degrees bars is a little different.

On Monday and Tuesday of last week, I hit the road for a 350-mile road trip between Boston and New York City to introduce 2 Degrees to a range of retailers! Along the way, I stopped at 37 outlets, which included boutiques/gift stores, groceries, health/fitness centers, cafes, etc. I gave every person I spoke with a sample pack of our bars and a couple of brochures.

As we begin to ramp up our marketing and sales efforts, we are finding that people are really interested in our mission! It helps that we have a great product and are working with such outstanding partners – Partners In Health and Valid Nutrition.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already given us a moment of your time. Thank you! We are on a mission to feed 200 million hungry children and we need your help.

In Massachusetts, I stopped in Weston, Cambridge, Boston, Northampton, and Springfield to spread the word. In Connecticut, I checked out Hartford, Bristol, Woodbury, and New Haven. I really appreciate the time and care that each shop owner, manager, and buyer spent talking to me and getting to know our products.

We’re excited to announce that 2 Degrees bars will soon be available at Blue State Coffee. The café is trying out our products at their New Haven, Connecticut locations before hopefully rolling them out in Providence and Boston. Live in New Haven? Go grab a cup of coffee and a 2 Degrees bar at Blue State Coffee!

With our official product launch only about a month behind us, we’re anxious to talk to anyone and everyone about 2 Degrees. Do you have ideas about places we could sell our bars? Do you own a shop yourself? Get in touch with me at matt@twodegreesfood.wpengine.com! I look forward to hearing from you.

No, I don’t drive in an Iced Coffee mobile, but I do have lots of delicious samples –thanks to our talented chef Barr Hogen, formerly of Odwalla! Give ‘em a try. 2 Degrees. Is Good • Does Good. ™

3 Responses to On the Road with 2 Degrees

  1. Lauren Gogolak says: 

    I’ve tried ’em, and I love ’em!
    Be careful taking pictures while driving! :-)
    Hopefully, you had a successful trip. It would be great for you to stop in our store the next time you’re in Boston.
    -Lauren Gogolak

  2. Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) says: 

    How cool would it be if you drove an Iced Coffee mobile? I would be insanely jealous! Does Two Degrees sell at Whole Foods or Fairway? Those are my go-to supermarkets.

  3. Matt says: 

    Thanks, Lauren! Glad you’re a fan of ’em!

    Megan, our bars are not available at Whole Foods or Fairway yet, but keep the suggestions coming! Also, tell your favorite retailers about us – they should feel free to fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form: https://store.twodegreesfood.wpengine.com/?page_id=22.

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