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Archives: February 2011

Trinity College Cafeterias


Princeton U Store Stand


NextJump corporate offices in NYC


Karen Sadler, Pediatric Nutrition Advisor to 2 Degrees


The faces of seriously malnourished children are the same the world over: large, sunken eyes, few smiles, a listless look. Never the boisterous, constant movements of a well child, but a quiet head, resting on the shoulder of a mother, aunt or even a slightly older sister.  Arms and legs are thin, and dangle from a swollen middle. For the children of Africa, dark and strong hair becomes sparse, brittle and the color of copper.

I think: if this is how poorly nourished the body is, what about this 2 year-old brain? What about the learning she can’t do or …

‘Does Good Delivery’


To our wonderful community of supporters and friends,

We started 2 Degrees to change the lives of hungry children around the world.  Now we are taking the first step. Because of your incredible support, we are making our first donation of 10,800 nutrition packs to malnourished children in Malawi.

Lauren and I decided to visit our partners to see it all firsthand; we left for Malawi this past Saturday with Christine Smith, our Director of Digital Marketing, and Karen Sadler, a pediatrician with deep experience working with children in developing nations. Over a period of 10 days, we’ll meet with …

French Culinary Institute

Christopher Papagni & Cynthia Peithman of The French Culinary Institute

Christopher Papagni & Cynthia Peithman of The French Culinary Institute

Cynthia Peithman, who runs Cakeline and is a long-time pastry chef at the prestigious French Culinary Institute in NYC, sent us an email after reading about 2 Degrees in Tasting Table. We set up a time to chat on the phone and quickly decided to meet in person to explore partnership opportunities.

I visited the French Culinary Institute yesterday and Cynthia introduced me to a number of the school’s chefs and administrators, including Christopher Papagni, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and Erik Murnighan, the Associate Dean of …