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French Culinary Institute

Christopher Papagni & Cynthia Peithman of The French Culinary Institute

Cynthia Peithman, who runs Cakeline and is a long-time pastry chef at the prestigious French Culinary Institute in NYC, sent us an email after reading about 2 Degrees in Tasting Table. We set up a time to chat on the phone and quickly decided to meet in person to explore partnership opportunities.

I visited the French Culinary Institute yesterday and Cynthia introduced me to a number of the school’s chefs and administrators, including Christopher Papagni, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and Erik Murnighan, the Associate Dean of Students, Emily Fox Marshak, Service Director at L’Ecole Restaurant, and Alfred Flores, Facilities Coordinator.

They fed me lunch straight from the culinary school kitchen! I wish I had a photo of the delicious pasta shells with mushrooms and peas, but I was too busy telling everyone about 2 Degrees!

I shared our story, passed out brochures and samples. The chefs were all extremely impressed. The bars were sniffed, examined, and chewed thoughtfully. “Oooh, this is raw!” and “I love the dried fruit” and “This has a very floral, delicious bouquet”… I heard it all!  (I was especially excited to share this news with Barr Hogen, the Creative Chef of 2 Degrees.  She loves the French Culinary Institute and even attends a lecture series there with Dave Arnold and Nils Noren – 2 of her favorite chefs/mad scientists!)

The International Culinary Institute, which includes FCI, the Italian Culinary Academy, and the Professional Culinary Institute, loves our bars and our mission.

The school itself is extremely impressive, located at the intersection of Grand Street and Broadway in a very cool, renovated SoHo building, which Cynthia thinks may have been a factory at one point. Inside the building are state-of-the-art culinary school kitchens. From one side of the hall came the yeasty smell of freshly baking bread, from the other, the wafting scent of fresh custard-filled eclairs.

Stay tuned for possible partnerships! We hope 2 Degrees bars will be available in the school’s vending machines very soon!

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  1. karen cadenhead says: 

    This is a great story. All of you must be extremely proud. I adore the picture. Its always flattering if a student on campus likes the bars, but when a chef from a culinary academy likes them, you know you have arrived!

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