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Archives: March 2011

Malawi: A very brief introduction


The Republic of Malawi (a.k.a. the Warm Heart of Africa) is a landlocked country in southeast Africa bordered by Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. With more than 15 million people living in an area slightly smaller than Pennsylvania, Malawi ranks as one of Africa’s most densely populated countries. It’s also one of the least developed: Around 80% of the population lives in rural areas, driving an agricultural economy.

2 more important statistics:
– Ratio of medical doctors to general population of Malawi = 1 doctor to 65,000 Malawians
– Number of nutrition packs 2 Degrees has donated so far to …

So What’s in This Paste, Anyway?

Will and Karen taste the Valid Nutrition RUTF in Africa.

Food isn’t just about energy. True, it ‘fuels’ us in that digestion releases the energy stored in food, but it also supplies and replenishes key ingredients for the thousands of biochemical reactions that make us work. We breakdown plant and animal proteins into amino acids and reform them into our enzymes, hormones and muscles. We use the vitamins stored in the fat we consume to, among other functions, promote the clotting of our blood so a minor cut doesn’t result in a fatal hemorrhage (Vitamin K), use the calcium we absorb to build stronger bones (Vitamin D), and to improve …

Gallery: Under 5 Clinic in Neno, Malawi


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Will and Lauren visited this clinic for children under 5 in Neno, Malawi, and met many mothers and children experiencing malnutrition and benefiting from the availability of Ready-to-Use Food nutrition packs.…

Gallery: Lauren and Will in Malawi


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A few fun pictures of our inspirational leaders.…

The Message from Malawi


by Lauren Walters

2 things have become abundantly clear to me from our trip to Malawi: that we are all truly connected by 2 Degrees, both figuratively and literally, and that we will improve the lives of millions of children, one child at a time.

I was constantly reminded of the ways in which 2 Degrees Food is the connection between people in the US and Africa. For example, the similar work of the farmers who grow 2 Degrees’ ingredients in California and farmers who grow Valid Nutrition’s ingredients in Africa; supply chain contributors here and supply chain contributors in …

Food Insecurity

by Karen Sadler

Food insecurity isn’t just a developing world problem –it exists everywhere. It is, loosely defined, behavior driven by the fear that there will not be enough. In the US, it is a mother with little money, diluting her baby’s formula with extra water to make it last longer. It is the elderly man, living alone on a fixed income, cutting the mold from his expired cheese, and hoping the center is still edible.

In other parts of the world, food insecurity is an enduring reality. It drives the subsistence farmer to plant a less nutritious starchy crop. …

Does Good: The Impact of Your Support

Remember the call I got from the FedEx truck driver a few months ago? At the time, he had just delivered a 2 Degrees prototype to a friend and was inspired to get involved.

He called me again the other week. He had just purchased a 2 Degrees bar at a coffee shop a few miles from his home in Idaho and wanted to know how things were going. He especially wanted to know about the impact thus far.

His timing was perfect; I had just returned from Africa the day before. We talked for an hour about impact, but …

Gallery: RUTF Distribution in Malawi

Lauren, Karen, and Will stand outside of the Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic at Shining Hope.  Johanna Justin-Jinich was a Wesleyan student who had planned to dedicate herself to international public health with a focus on women's healthcare and reproductive rights.  Tragically, Jessica was shot and killed outside of Wesleyan University in 2009.  Shining Hope for Communities named the clinic for their friend and classmate, and honor her memory by treating the women and girls of Kibera.

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Photos from our visit to an RUTF (Ready to Use Food) distribution center in Malawi. The RUTF packs you see here were donated by 2 Degrees through the one-for-one sales of our nutrition bars. Thanks for making this first donation possible!…

Joia Mukherjee – 2 Degrees, Board of Advisors

Joia Mukherjee - 2 Degrees, Board of Advisors

Joia Mukherjee explains her involvement in 2 Degrees and the importance of the company’s social mission.…