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Does Good: The Impact of Your Support

Remember the call I got from the FedEx truck driver a few months ago? At the time, he had just delivered a 2 Degrees prototype to a friend and was inspired to get involved.

He called me again the other week. He had just purchased a 2 Degrees bar at a coffee shop a few miles from his home in Idaho and wanted to know how things were going. He especially wanted to know about the impact thus far.

His timing was perfect; I had just returned from Africa the day before. We talked for an hour about impact, but the conversation could have gone on for much longer.

“This is why I support 2 Degrees,” he said at the end. “I’m glad to know that my small act made an impact. And great bar, by the way.”

We’re thrilled that you love 2 Degrees bars, but we know that your support similarly runs much deeper. We couldn’t be more excited to now share these stories of impact with our entire community. Through videos, photos, blogs, and interviews, we’re going to show you the difference that you’ve made: to smallholder peanut farmers in rural Malawi, to Valid Nutrition factory workers in Lilongwe, to Partners In Health Community Health Workers in Neno, and of course, to children in need.

So stay tuned, share these stories, and continue to spread the word.

Arriving in Africa with Dr. Karen Sadler, 2 Degrees' Pediatric Nutrition Advisor

2 Responses to Does Good: The Impact of Your Support

  1. karen cadenhead says: 

    I want to see a picture of the Idaho Fed Ex driver now! I am involved in the story Will…and I had not seen the picture of you and Karen. I was ready to read much more from you! Nice job.

  2. Mary Lee Damutz says: 

    Karen Sadler brought me some 2 Degree bars here in Lucca, Italy. There is nothing like Luna and Cliff bars here, just Nestle and Jordan’s breakfst bars with chocolate and tons of sugar. So I was elated. I now am sending them to the Univ. of Oregon to my daughter,Ginna Bensen, and Scripps College in Claremont, CA, to my neice, Camille Robins, to try. But if you need help to promote in Italy or Europe contact me!!

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