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Making our first donation of 10,800 nutrition packs to malnourished children in Malawi.

Malawi: A very brief introduction


The Republic of Malawi (a.k.a. the Warm Heart of Africa) is a landlocked country in southeast Africa bordered by Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. With more than 15 million people living in an area slightly smaller than Pennsylvania, Malawi ranks as one of Africa’s most densely populated countries. It’s also one of the least developed: Around 80% of the population lives in rural areas, driving an agricultural economy.

2 more important statistics:
– Ratio of medical doctors to general population of Malawi = 1 doctor to 65,000 Malawians
– Number of nutrition packs 2 Degrees has donated so far to malnourished children in Malawi = 10,800

Malawian children won the hearts of 2 Degrees

And just in case you’re planning a visit, here are some useful phrases in the local language, Chichewa:


My name is ________ .
Dzina langa ndine ________.

I would like a 2 Degrees bar.
Ndikufuna 2 Degrees Bar.

Thank you.

It was delicious.
Chakudya chinali bwino.

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