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Making our first donation of 10,800 nutrition packs to malnourished children in Malawi.

The Message from Malawi

by Lauren Walters

2 things have become abundantly clear to me from our trip to Malawi: that we are all truly connected by 2 Degrees, both figuratively and literally, and that we will improve the lives of millions of children, one child at a time.

I was constantly reminded of the ways in which 2 Degrees Food is the connection between people in the US and Africa. For example, the similar work of the farmers who grow 2 Degrees’ ingredients in California and farmers who grow Valid Nutrition’s ingredients in Africa; supply chain contributors here and supply chain contributors in Africa; consumers in the US who enjoy our 2 Degrees bars and think they are good and also want to do good, and malnourished children in Africa. The Partners In Health team we were with in Malawi — Dr. Pierre Paul and the community health workers, who do the giving for us — are the final link from consumers to malnourished children.

I also came away feeling quite strongly that 2 Degrees bars and the donations of Valid Treatment packs that their sales enable change the trajectory of children’s lives.

While we will sell millions of bars – and donate millions of nutrition packs, and so make real the promise that every child deserves the benefit of adequate basic nutrition as a human right –– what 2 Degrees is really about is changing the life paths of individual children.

While we don’t know where these altered paths will lead – we do know that their futures will at least have an opportunity to be brighter. The children we help will be healthy and well nourished individuals who can take advantage of education and work opportunities.

One consumer in the US changes one life — one 2 Degrees bar at a time. That’s the message from the trip.

– Lauren Walters

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    Plain and simple! I like your work!

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