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Jay Stephens’ “A Day With 2 Degrees: Whole Foods Market “

It’s shaping up to be a big summer for TwoDegrees- our bars are now available at all thirty-five Whole Foods locations throughout Northern California!  The new partnership has kept the 2 Degrees team busy as the excitement around the bars and our mission continues to grow both in Northern California and nationwide.  I had the pleasure of experiencing this growing excitement firsthand by visiting several of our 2 Degrees demonstrations in various Whole Foods Markets throughout the Bay Area.  Enter “A Day With 2 Degrees: Whole Foods Market.”

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After finishing some morning emails, fellow intern Austen Afridi and I step out of the office sporting fresh 2 Degrees t-shirts.  We walk a few blocks to the nearby BART station and board the train north to Walnut Creek.  We are on a mission: to see 2 Degrees bars in action at a local Whole Foods; ready to snap some pictures, talk to a few customers, and hopefully help sell a bar or two.

We arrive at the Whole Foods in Walnut Creek- a Mecca for moms and vegans alike.  Just past the giant mound of avocados and near the new apple-flavored fish oil, I spot the 2 Degrees demo station.  After meeting Mike, our demo master extraordinaire, we are ready to see how 2 Degrees is doing in one of its new Whole Foods homes.  As customers wander by our table we take turns talking to them about everything 2 Degrees- favorite flavors, ingredients in the nutrition packs, the company’s history, future plans for expansion, what separates us from other bar companies, and everything in between.  As more and more customers sample our bars a pleasant look of satisfaction becomes commonplace around the table.  Some people are chocolate peanut fans, others love the apple pecan, but one thing is certain: people are really enjoying the bars; even better, they are genuinely excited about our mission.

It becomes clear that Whole Foods is a great fit for 2 Degrees bars and vice-versa. The partnership has made our bars even more accessible to people who are looking for nutritious food and a way to make a difference in the world. Whole Foods is so excited about 2 Degrees that they have agreed to donate a Nutrition pack themselves for every bar sold from June 15th to June 28th, doubling the impact of every bar bought.  It is great to hear feedback from actual customers and to be able to talk face to face with people about how great 2 Degrees really is.  Austen and I leave the demo having helped sold some ninety plus bars and doubly excited about 2 Degrees being available in Whole Foods.

2 Responses to Jay Stephens’ “A Day With 2 Degrees: Whole Foods Market “

  1. Matthew McConaughey says: 

    Great post, Jay! Witty AND informative! I can’t wait to buy some bars myself and tell me friends!

  2. Karencadenhead says: 

    I love your description, makes me feel like I was there…and I was there in the Whole Foods in Mill Valley! Same thing as you described..people liked the taste and the mission and were more than willing to stop and talk and listen. We were near the check out stand and in three cases I noticed babies in the cart, around the one to two year old age who had had a sample and they were reaching out toward us in their efforts to get another bite!!

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