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Suburban Cyclists Show Support For 2 Degrees

by Monica Landy, Campus Director

When I decided back in May that I wanted to continue my work as a 2 Degrees Campus Director over the summer in my hometown of Tenafly, New Jersey, I had no idea to what extent my work was going to be shaped by one particular group of athletes, or how much team spirit this group would show in rallying behind my cause.

The Tenafly Road Dawgz are a group of cyclists of all ages and all skill levels who gather together daily to practice the sport they love. What began as a group of roughly 15 cyclists has since grown to over 150 members strong and continues to grow to this day. Though I don’t know each and every Road Dawg personally, over the years I’ve really come to think of the team as family, probably because in a way it is—my parents are 2 of the original Road Dawgz, and most of their friends and acquaintances are Road Dawgz as well.

My mom, a big fan and supporter of 2 Degrees, was thrilled when I told her that I planned on continuing my work selling and marketing 2 Degrees bars in and around my hometown. Right from the very start, she saw the value and appeal of 2 Degrees bars for athletes such as herself, and as my self-proclaimed business partner she advised me to target that market in my sales and marketing efforts. With her help, I made successful sales pitches to a number of coffee shops and bike shops that are hot spots for local cyclists and that are located at various points along popular local bike routes. We also spread the word about 2 Degrees to all 150+ Road Dawgz in a number of creative ways, ranging from simple word-of-mouth advertisement to my mom handing out 2 Degrees bars on long rides to hosting Road Dawg trivia on the Road Dawg website, the grand prize being a free 2 Degrees variety caddy. When the time came for the Road Dawgz to order new cycling jerseys, we even had the 2 Degrees logo included in the new design. Now, every time this group of cyclists hits the road, they proudly carry the “Is Good. Does Good.” message with them on their backs and sleeves!

It definitely helps that my Road Dawg family—both literal and figurative—has been so receptive to my work and so eager to help me support 2 Degrees, a company with a mission that I really believe in. But the Road Dawgz’ support for 2 Degrees is also very real in and of itself. They love 2 Degrees for the high quality of its products: Road Dawg and professional nutritionist Deb Levy is a fan of the bars due to their wholesome, healthy, all-natural ingredients, which are important for anyone’s diet but especially for an athlete’s. Similarly, Road Dawg Lynn Wolgin is a fan because they make a great healthy snack to keep in the house, especially considering that her oldest son is vegan. Other Road Dawgz are fans of 2 Degrees because of the company’s social mission. As my mom says, “With athletics, it’s nice to have a higher purpose other than just your own physical fitness. Having a social cause gives meaning and purpose to your training; it’s good to know that your hard work is benefitting other people as well, not just yourself.”

As the Road Dawgz have demonstrated, 2 Degrees bars can fuel a team both with their healthy, wholesome ingredients as well as the greater social mission behind them. My mom and I have had a lot of fun rallying this team behind 2 Degrees, and I encourage more teams and athletes (and children of athletes!) to do the same! It’s a great way to spread the word about 2 Degrees and to support an important social cause, and it’s also a great way to bring a team together.

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