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2 Degrees Shines at the Millennium Campus Conference

From September 16th to 18th, over 1,000 college students from across the country and
around the globe gathered together at Harvard University for the third Millennium
Campus Conference, a weekend-long event hosted by the Millennium Campus Network.
The aim of the conference was to get students involved with the United Nations
Millennium Development goals—those eight famous goals, ranging from ending extreme
poverty and hunger to achieving universal primary education to ensuring environmental
sustainability, that all 193 UN member states committed to in the year 2000 and aspire
to achieve by 2015. The conference brought together swarms of passionate students
and scores of notable speakers and presenters who gave the eager students not only
interesting food for thought but also concrete ways to get involved with the issues at

Naturally, the venue was perfect for 2 Degrees! Our mission of helping to feed the
world’s 200+ million hungry children accords perfectly with Millennium Development
Goal #1—ending extreme poverty and hunger. Additionally, our unique Campus Director
program provides the perfect opportunity for students who care about global health
and hunger to get involved and make a real difference. Both Will Hauser (Co-Founder
& President) and Peter Walters (Campus Program Director & National Sales) did a
fantastic job getting students excited about the 2 Degrees product and mission—their
events were most definitely the highlight of the conference for me, and I am confident
that the same is true for many others as well!

On Saturday, the biggest day of the conference, Will participated in a panel discussion on
Climate Change and Hunger, where he presented 2 Degrees’ unique model of fighting
childhood malnutrition through socially responsible consumerism. Looking around the
room, I could tell that my peers were definitely intrigued, both by Will’s story and by
the boxes of 2 Degrees bars just waiting to be passed out as free samples! It made
me both proud and excited to see so many students swarm around Will at the end of the
session, scrambling to ask further questions or to sign up for more information. This first
event definitely set a positive tone for the rest of the weekend—a weekend that would
leave us with a lot more supporters and a whole lot fewer sample bars!

Later that evening, Will gave another presentation on 2 Degrees, this time with
the help of Amanda Schwartz from Partners in Health. This event was particularly
fascinating to me—as a Campus Director and big supporter of 2 Degrees, I’ve heard
countless times about the wonderful partnership between 2 Degrees and Partners
in Health, so it was really rewarding to see that very partnership right before my eyes!
Will and Amanda spoke extensively about how the 2 Degrees / Partners in Health
partnership works; together, they really painted a detailed picture of their shared fight
against childhood malnutrition, covering everything from why 2 Degrees chose a
for-profit business model to why Partners in Health supports the use of Ready-To-Use
Therapeutic Foods. The crowd was highly intrigued and engaged, posing great questions
to which both Will and Amanda unfailingly offered great responses. Once again, the
event concluded with a number of students expressing a sincere desire to learn more and
especially to get involved—even I was approached with questions about the Campus
Director program!

Finally, on Sunday, Peter took charge of recruiting even more supporters for Two
Degrees at the Career and Internship Fair, where Priya Karve (Harvard Campus Director)
and I got to assist him in answering people’s many questions. It was really great to be
able to share my experience as a Campus Director with my peers, and I think a lot of
students walked away from our booth feeling like working as a Campus Director for
2 Degrees could really be a highly enriching and rewarding experience (which it most
definitely is!).

Ultimately, the Millennium Campus Conference was a huge success for 2 Degrees—
we got great exposure and piqued a lot of people’s interest. Overall, roughly 60 students
signed up for more information on the Campus Director program. Many more had the
chance to try a delicious 2 Degrees bar for the first time. But of all our successes
that weekend, perhaps the greatest would be that a huge number of passionate students
aspiring to make a difference left Harvard with a new understanding of the 2 degrees
of separation between ourselves and childhood hunger. We are all closer than we think to
childhood malnutrition; we are only 2 degrees away from a hungry child, and only an
afternoon snack away from making a real difference.

– Monica Landy, Campus Director, Yale University

2 Responses to 2 Degrees Shines at the Millennium Campus Conference

  1. karen cadenhead says: 

    What a great post! I got such a good feel for what it must have been like and the excitement. You express yourself very well and Two Degrees is very lucky to have youl!

  2. monicalandy says: 

    Thanks Karen! It’s a real pleasure working with Two Degrees– I absolutely love it!

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