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Video from Skoll Foundation’s “Innovators in Action”

Lauren Walters: All the Kids in the World Deserve a Chance –

Founder of 2 Degrees Food on why basic nutrition can unlock educational opportunities.

“Twenty million children a year are diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition,” says Lauren Walters, the founder of 2 Degrees Food, the first first food company specifically started to fight childhood hunger. For every all-natural, gluten-free 2 Degrees food bar purchased, the company donates one medically formulated nutrition pack to a child in need. Known as Ready-to-Use Food (RUF), these nutrition packs do not require water or hydration, and have been endorsed by the World Health Organization to treat chronic and severely malnourished children, with up to a 95 percent success rate. “I think that when people see that they can change other people’s lives with something as simple as buying a nutrition bar, they say to themselves: ‘I can do it in other aspects of my life,’ ” says Walters. “It’s one connected effort to change the world.”

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