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2 Degrees, Relief International, and Whole Foods Team Up in Somalia

From September 15th through October 15th, which was 2011 World Food Day, 2 Degrees worked in partnership with Relief International and Whole Foods Market to target donations to children suffering in the famine-struck regions of Somalia. We are thrilled to report that this month-long campaign generated the donation of over 2 tons of nutrition packs for malnourished children in the Galkayo region of Somalia.

Your support has allowed us to donate just under 22,000 medically-formulated 92-gram nutrition packs in the horn of Africa region.

That’s remarkable — and we thank you for it.

As you may know, widespread drought, political instability and poverty have caused the devastating famine in Somalia. With escalating violence, the circumstances are exacerbated and many attempts to help suffering populations are stifled. Tens of thousands of people are at the mercy of the famine, and many thousands are dying daily as a result. The nutrition packs sent through the Famine Relief Campaign — the result of your remarkable support — have made a real impact.

The nutrition packs sent to Somalia are known as ready-to-use therapeutic foods, or RUTF, and are specifically created to treat severe acute malnutrition in children aged 6 months to 5 years. When a child suffers from severe acute malnutrition, the child’s immune system can no longer process whole foods the way ours can. The RUTF are made with a peanut paste-base and fortified with vitamins and minerals–they are made specially for these children with compromised immune systems. These RUTF were produced by Valid Nutrition in Lilongwe, Malawi and moved by freight to Galkayo, Somalia.  Thus, the campaign both helped to feed children and support local economies in developing areas at the same time.

We are thrilled with the outcome and grateful for your continued support!

Check out some photographs of our donation in Somalia here.

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One Response to 2 Degrees, Relief International, and Whole Foods Team Up in Somalia

  1. Stacy M says: 

    God Bless you all for your ideas, your hard work, and your commitment to the world as you see the people of the world as brothers and sisters, not strangers. Thank you for this! It warms my heart and gives me hope…that I can achieve more in my efforts to help others as well. One good deed at a time!

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