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Archives: January 2012

Barr’s Secret Three Quinoa Pilaf

Here is a delicious recipe straight from the kitchen of Chef Barr Hogen from 2 Degrees Food. The principal ingredient is nutrient-packed quinoa, which is found in all 2 Degrees bars. Try this recipe yourself and let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear from you.


With a protein content of 12-14%, (3.5 oz contains 14 grams of protein) quinoa makes a healthy choice for vegetarians and vegans alike and it’s naturally gluten-free. Add this great grain to pilafs for a nutty flavor. You can also add it to soups and salads. Not only does it look …

2 Degrees Food’s STATE OF THE UNION

Screen Shot 2012-01-25 at 2.09.57 PM

Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address last night to the world. But the President of the United States isn’t the only one administering a union. 2 Degrees facilitates a meaningful union of socially conscious consumers and hungry children in the developing world — a one-for-one union that has shown promising efficacy fighting childhood hunger in 2011. In fact, 2 Degrees gave away 250,000 meals in 2011.

We don’t want you to miss a beat: here is our 2011 Does Good report. Take a look under the hood of 2 Degrees and see the amazing accomplishments we’ve …

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!


Today, January 24th, is national Peanut Butter Day! In the spirit of this momentous day, we’d like to give thanks to this fantastic food and our outstanding corporate partner, HP, which has triggered the donation of over 4000 meals to date, most of which have been peanut based.

Peanut butter is sticky magic. Found in more than 90% of American households, the nutrient-packed delight offers quality calories, rich in fiber, protein, unsaturated fat, folate, vitamin E, magnesium and resveratrol. (Yes, it does contain some saturated fat, but the devil is in the details. One serving of peanut butter not only …

2 Degrees – Visiting Whole Foods

2 Degrees – Visiting Whole Foods

2 Degrees Fundraiser in Support of Shining Hope

2 Degrees Fundraiser in Support of Shining Hope

Fancy Food Afterglow


We are still basking in the afterglow of the Fancy Food Show in SF last week. 2 Degrees made a huge presence on the floor and attracted a lot of interest from all corners of the food world. Above all, people raved about the taste of our bars. There was a palpable buzz around the 2 Degrees brand. People recognized us from the San Francisco Chronicle story from a couple weeks back. It was also very cool to have brand recognition from people who had seen us in Whole Foods.

We were extra lucky to have our Sales Director, Jesse …

GMO’s and Australian Rabbits

Screen Shot 2012-01-18 at 1.23.08 PM

Humankind has a consistent penchant for producing unintended consequences when it comes to tinkering with the complex natural systems of our planet.

Rabbits in Australia are a prime example. Europeans introduced them down-under in 1788. The idea was to breed them as food animals.

Innocent enough? The intention, yes. The consequence, no.

The mild Australian winter and vast areas of cultivated lowland created ideal conditions for an intense rabbit population explosion. By the mid-19th century, the population of rabbits was so dense in Australia that over 2 million of these pests were killed annually, with no noticeable effect on population …

2 Degrees is proud to announce giving in India!

Screen Shot 2012-01-16 at 11.01.56 AM

India is one of the 21st century’s great economic success stories. Since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, the nation has catapulted itself into the globalized economy and is now ranked the ninth biggest economy by nominal GDP.

The recent history of India, however, is not entirely a success story. Though sophisticated enough to develop a nuclear and space program, India sadly has endemic childhood hunger and malnutrition among its 1.2 billion citizens.

How bad is the problem? Unfortunately, the most recent data from UNICEF paints a dour picture: one in three malnourished children on our planet is living in …

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: 2 Years Later

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 2.58.42 PM

Today marks the anniversary of one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in recent history. In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck just 25 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and largest city. Anyone who reads the news will remember the searing images of widespread devastation. The global community reacted with an immediate outpouring of aid. Still, even 2 years later, the country has not recovered entirely from either the 2010 earthquake nor from the decades of corrupted rule and endemic malnutrition that have historically wracked the island nation.

2 Degrees and its customers are doing their part to support the …

Embrace your inner Inca! A QUINOA rundown…

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 6.18.33 PM

Quinoa traces its roots back thousands of years to the Inca people living near Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake on earth. The Inca referred to this crop as chisaya mama or the “mother of all grains”, and the plant held a special place in Incan society. In fact, sowing the first seeds of the season was an honor exclusively reserved for the reigning Incan emperor.

So, why all the hullabaloo? Let’s look at the facts.

First, let it be known that Quinoa is not a grain, but rather a flowering herb closely related to beets, spinach and tumbleweeds. And, …

New year. Huge goal. Same mission.

Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 5.25.57 PM

It’s 2012 and we all have much to celebrate. Last year, 2 Degrees was empowered by its socially-conscious consumers to donate over 200,000 meals to hungry children in the developing world. 200,000 bars = 200,000 meals. That’s no small feat. Thank you to everyone who made our shared dream of tackling world hunger a reality. What’s more, our impact was made possible through a globalized one-for-one business model. The world is changing, indeed.

Now as we look forward to 2012, we must redouble our efforts to make good on 2 Degrees’s mission to feed the 200 million hungry children in …