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2 Degrees went to the major leagues recently at the Whole Foods in Napa, California. The gracious store manager at Whole Foods allowed us to drop a half pallet of 2 Degrees bars directly on the floor of the store. That’s 3240 bars on sale at $1.99 with prime visibility. Not only that, but the store also encouraged us to put up 2 2 Degrees displays. This is all in addition to our presence on the shelf. All in all, Whole Foods Napa is quite enthusiastic about our one-for-one mission, and the support they are showing 2 Degrees is remarkable.

We’ve never had this kind of visibility in a Whole Foods before and we’re super excited at the potential results. If Napa customers clean out the half pallet, that’d be 3240 meals triggered from just one retail location. Seeing as there are over 300 Whole Foods markets nationwide, the potential for this kind of exposure to DO GOOD is clear. Thanks to all our supporters and an especially warm thank you to Whole Foods Napa.

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