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We have truly exciting news to share with you today.

A little over a year ago, 2 Degrees was an idea, but a very ambitious one: to feed the 200 million hungry children in our world. Our founders believed the winning strategy wasn’t to cut checks, but instead to empower consumers to do good by means of a one-for-one model. So was born 2 Degrees, the world’s first one-for-one food company.

Today, we can report that the idea is not only working, it’s working very well. Don’t take our word for it; the sales figures from yesterday say it all. Starting early in the morning, orders streamed in from large retailers, specialty shops and distributors. By lunch, a buzz began to engulf the office as larger and larger orders came rushing in. That evening, the sales frenzy was still clipping along when we turned out the lights.

Yesterday, 2 Degrees sold 24,417 bars in a single day, marking our largest day of sales ever. To put this number in perspective, that’s 10% of our entire 2011 sales in just one day.

As a young start-up company, the strong revenue from a day such as yesterday puts real wind in our sails. It not only bolsters the confidence of our team, but also contributes to our precious resources, with which we are expanding brand awareness, innovating product lines and growing our network of retailers.

But as a one-for-one social enterprise, the dividends don’t stop at the bottom line. Yesterday represents a real win for the caring, conscientious global community at large. From our office in SoMa San Francisco, 24,417 meals were triggered for donation to hungry children in the developing world…in Haiti, in Somalia, in Malawi, in India — places where food scarcity gives these donations inestimable value. All this positive impact in one day.

Though yesterday was extraordinary, 2 Degrees has the potential — and the will — to sell 20,000+ bars every day of operation. What was a record-breaking day, through sheer persistence, will soon become commonplace. Consider that 2 Degrees has less than 15 employees who, along with our incredible supporters, can make this real global impact. As we grow, our potential to do good will only increase.

Could the dream of feeding the hungry children in our world — the dream of giving them a path to a bright, productive future — come true? With your help, we believe so. Please spread the word.

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