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Why do Americans say “double dog” dare? Where does this come from?

Surprisingly, random internet sources are unforthcoming with regards to this etymological enquiry. If you “double dare” someone, the heat is on. Yet, there’s something especially poignant about a “double DOG” dare. It’s hard to turn down without coming across as a chicken. Since this makes little to no sense, we’re going to make up our own definition for this particularly punchy dare.

We have a double dog dare for you, dear reader. Let’s start with the dare part, before getting into the “double dog”. (No this is not a yoga lesson.)

The dare is for YOU to try our new Chocolate Banana flavor…right now. Why, you ask? For starters, it’s our first bar made with no nut ingredients. Nutrient-packed quinoa, chia and millet heritage grains are in full force. But let’s not forget the real heros in this snack: bananas, chocolate chips and ground sunflower seeds. The combination is staggeringly scrumptious, as bright banana tones compliment a balanced chocolate presence for a delicious and healthy snack.

So that’s the dare. Now, we’ll “double dog” it. We double dog dare you to buy a box of Chocolate Banana bars! Right now. Since “double dog” has no discernable meaning, we’ll ascribe our own. The “double” part is easy. The action of purchasing a 2 Degrees bar (or box) has the double impact of feeding you and a hungry child. Every bar. Every time you buy.

And the “dog” part? Well, dog is man’s best friend. They are known for their unconditional loyalty and affection. In short, they give love and support without asking for it in return. Every time you purchase a 2 Degrees bar, you show your commitment to fighting hunger. You reinforce your commitment to give.

So that’s the DOUBLE DOG DARE! If you accept, click here to make it a reality. Those who accept will not only be inundated with delicious snacks, but you’ll give a meal to a hungry child for every bar you purchase. If you accept, please share this amazing impact on our Facebook or within the comments of this blog. We’d love to hear how Chocolate Banana tastes, and how it feels to make a concrete impact for hungry children who need it.

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