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Facebook is on fire!

Things are really heating up down at Facebook headquarters. You’ll remember last month that Facebook employees cleaned out an entire shipment of 2 Degrees bars in a single day. That trend has continued and the social media maestros aren’t losing their voracious appetite for our all-natural bars. In fact…it’s accelerating.

Instead of simply ordering more bars when they sell out, Facebook is now placing 2 orders at a time in anticipation of rapid sell out. As a direct result of their purchases, nearly 10,000 meals have been given to hungry children around the world. That is a remarkable contribution, and we’re blown away by their momentum.

Facebook employees, we’re ecstatic to have such solid support from you. Thank you!

But wait…are you guys on Facebook? Care to post some pictures of 2 Degrees bars at your headquarters on our wall? We’d love to see the mayhem behind the big numbers.

Thanks again, and keep it up: you’re super close to donating 10,000 meals!

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