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Major Shock at Facebook

When Facebook recently put 2 Degrees bars in the cafeteria at their Palo Alto headquarters, the unthinkable happened: they were taken off the shelves that very day.

We at 2 Degrees were left speechless. How did this happen?

Answer: the Facebook employees went bananas for our bars and cleaned out the entire inventory of 2 Degrees bars in a single day. Yes, Facebook employees snagged over 1600 bars in one day.

Hat’s off to all of our supporters at Facebook! Your hunger triggered the donation of over 1600 meals to hungry children in the developing world. A 2 Degrees bar IS GOOD and DOES GOOD, and we invite you at Facebook to FEEL GOOD about the meaningful impact you’ve made on childhood hunger simply by choosing 2 Degrees bars.

And now an eye to the future…

The next shipment of 2 Degrees bars to Facebook is currently in transit…this time over 2160 bars. Can Facebook wolf down this magnitude of fruit-and-nutty goodness once again in a single day? Never say never…

Stay tuned, readers! We’ll keep you in the loop.

One Response to Major Shock at Facebook

  1. Jesse says: 

    I hope we get some of these at LivingSocial!

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