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We’ve finally worked up the courage to ask: will you be our valentine? Pretty please? You’ve been so good to us. You’ve shared our one-for-one model and hunger-fighting mission with your friends. You’ve enjoyed Chocolate Peanut on the ski slopes, Apple Pecan in the office, Cherry Almond on the road and Chocolate Banana for a mid-afternoon snack.

All in all, you’ve triggered the donation of 308,070 meals to hungry children. Don’t play hard to get. We can tell you like us…won’t you please be our valentine?

And spread the love to others today too! Give your sweetheart a box of 2 Degrees bars for Valentine’s Day at a 10% discount available this whole week with the purchase code “LOVETDF”. Or, if you’d prefer to make an immediate act of affection, give your sweetie a virtual bar, which are always 99¢. We’d love to help you profess your ardor to your amor.

What’s doubly delightful about using 2 Degrees to express your Valentine Day’s affections is that our bars trigger a meal for a hungry child in the developing world–from Malawi to Haiti to India. So, in effect, your act of love will shower not only your valentine with tenderness but also a child in need. That’s pretty sweet.

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