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Archives: March 2012

2 Degrees is on Pinterest!


We’re proud to announce that 2 Degrees is now on Pinterest. We love this new image sharing platform…serious eye candy everywhere you look! From what we can tell, we are one of the first one-for-one companies go on Pinterest. So if you want the real graphic scoop on one-for-one and social enterprises, follow 2 Degrees Food!

So, what does a one-for-one food company share on Pinterest?

First off, we’re going to amass the most delicious images of our various ingredients. If you aren’t drooling by the time you’ve finished seeing these images, then check your pulse! Pecans, bananas, …

A “Buy = Give” lay of the land…

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 12.19.54 PM

2 Degrees Food is proud to be the first one-for-one food company. We also recognize that the one-for-one movement is gaining steam in several other key areas. At 2 Degrees Food, we sincerely believe in the potential of the one-for-one model to change the world for the better. The power of this innovative model is that consumers are not asked to cut checks, join philanthropic organizations or donate their time. All a one-for-one company asks is that the customer modify a simple purchase decision.

In the case of 2 Degrees bars, we believe that our customers want to make a …

And hold the gluten…

Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 11.22.45 AM

Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is one of the most prevalent genetic conditions on earth. Symptoms vary and include high blood pressure, anemia and fatigue. One in 150 Americans suffer from celiac disease, making it a national health issue. This prevalence of gluten intolerance has bolstered a gluten-free movement in the food world. From pasta to pizza, gluten-free options abound.

At 2 Degrees, we receive a lot of positive feedback about our gluten-free commitment: all 2 Degrees bars are gluten-free (and vegan). The staple grains we use (quinoa, chia, millet) are all naturally gluten-free, while still providing essential …

Pellagra: an important lesson from Italy

Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 3.58.24 PM

Until 1492, the agricultural societies of the Old and New World were separate. Average Europeans staple foods were wheat and minor cereals, while Native American staples were maize and potatoes.

Pre-Columbian Italy often experienced famine in poorer classes due to food scarcity. Even when there was food, the poor’s diet was often restricted. In fact, monophagy — eating only one kind of food — was commonplace. This single food of choice was one of several Old World cereals.

Still food shortages continued, as did the famines. That is, until Columbus discovered America. Why is this? Corn. Thanks to generations of …

Why is salt iodized?

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 3.42.25 PM

In order to survive as humans, we require certain inputs from our natural environment. Water and oxygen come to mind. Since we have no innate biological process by which to create these substances, we must rely on our environment to provide them.

Did you know that we have the same critical reliance on molybdenum? Or retinol? Or folate? It’s a biological truth.

These arcane substances, called micronutrients, are essential in the diet of a healthy human. However, the amount you need of these substances is exceedingly small. For example, the average human body contains .07 mg of molybdenum per kilogram. …

2 Degrees takes a bite of the big apple

2012-03-08 NY Rest Show_credit K.Dumonet 011

Half a year ago, 2 Degrees kicked off a partnership with Action Against Hunger — the biggest organization in the world dedicated solely to fighting hunger — as their guests a gala event in New York City. We were back in the city this week at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show on the West Side, once again on a gracious invitation from AAH. 2 Degrees made a real splash among the gourmet, New York crowd, as we shared our all-natural food bars and our hunger fighting mission. Representing the team was the incorrigible Jesse Moran, our director of sales.…

Happy International Women’s Day!

Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 2.15.26 PM

We’re happy to share that this year’s International Women’s Day places a global focus on nutrition with the theme “Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty”. At 2 Degrees, we focus our hunger alleviation efforts on young children and infants. There is no person more critical than the mother in ensuring the health and safety of her child, particularly in the child’s first months of life.

Mothers provide nutrition to their children, both during pregnancy and breast feeding. An undernourished mother cannot provide adequate nutrition to her child in the first 1000 days of that child’s life — a critical …

Fuel for the Future


Automobile fuel efficiency is moving to center stage in the national transportation discussion. Potential solutions include solar power, electric plug-in, hydrogen fuel cells, gas-electric hybrids and a litany of other forward-thinking energy solutions. Some engineers even claim that cars will soon run on water.

Yet no one is proposing that we a build car that takes no fuel. That suggestion would, of course, be preposterous. How could we expect adequate vehicle performance without any fuel input? We can’t. It’s a simple equation balancing act: without input, you don’t get output.

This tenet also holds true on …

Blue State Coffee & 2 Degrees – a special partnership

Screen Shot 2012-03-02 at 1.36.25 PM

We sat down with Karen Buchas, the Director of Foodservice for Blue State Coffee, a longtime 2 Degrees supporter committed to philanthropy, sustainability and community involvement in their coffee business. Blue State donates 2% of its sales to local non-profit organizations voted on by their customers.

Here’s what Karen had to say.

“We’re really proud to offer 2 Degrees bars at all Blue State Coffee locations. In fact, they are the only bar we offer. At Blue State, we believe in supporting positive change in our communities, and that extends to the global community, which 2 Degrees is positively impacting …