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And hold the gluten…

Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is one of the most prevalent genetic conditions on earth. Symptoms vary and include high blood pressure, anemia and fatigue. One in 150 Americans suffer from celiac disease, making it a national health issue. This prevalence of gluten intolerance has bolstered a gluten-free movement in the food world. From pasta to pizza, gluten-free options abound.

At 2 Degrees, we receive a lot of positive feedback about our gluten-free commitment: all 2 Degrees bars are gluten-free (and vegan). The staple grains we use (quinoa, chia, millet) are all naturally gluten-free, while still providing essential nutrients and energy. Not only that, but they have heft, so you aren’t left feeling hungry after eating a 2 Degrees bar.

Many find that eating gluten-free meshes well with eating healthy. Gluten-free diets can lead to weight loss, and many report higher energy levels when not weighed down by gluten.

Not sure if you are intolerant, or maybe just curious about a gluten-free diet? Try it for a week or a month, and then tell us what your experience was like. Here are some good resources the gluten-free lifestyle:





3 Responses to And hold the gluten…

  1. Greg says: 

    Processed in a facility that handles wheat, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, and seeds.

    What’s with the wheat? Is there a risk of cross-contamination?

  2. Matt says: 

    We adhere to industry standards when it comes to gluten testing – this means that we test our machinery and products for gluten at the beginning, middle, and end of every production run. Our bars are only released for sale as soon as we receive word that the batch’s test samples are below the legal limit of 20 PPM of gluten that’s required by the FDA. Most of the samples that Two Degrees tests are significantly under the legal limit – we’ve yet to have any bars come back positive for gluten.

    As we are produced in a factory that handles wheat, there is no guarantee, but we do feel confident that our testing ensures that Two Degrees bars remain gluten-free.

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