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Blue State Coffee & 2 Degrees – a special partnership

We sat down with Karen Buchas, the Director of Foodservice for Blue State Coffee, a longtime 2 Degrees supporter committed to philanthropy, sustainability and community involvement in their coffee business. Blue State donates 2% of its sales to local non-profit organizations voted on by their customers.

Here’s what Karen had to say.

“We’re really proud to offer 2 Degrees bars at all Blue State Coffee locations. In fact, they are the only bar we offer. At Blue State, we believe in supporting positive change in our communities, and that extends to the global community, which 2 Degrees is positively impacting with their one-for-one model. But beyond the social mission, we find our customers genuinely love the flavor and nutrition of 2 Degrees bars. Something about the bars — maybe it’s the heritage grains or dried fruit — keeps people coming back.”

We partner with Blue State Coffee because they understand that business responsibility extends beyond the bottom line. A successful business is one that makes a positive impact on their customers, community and environment. We’re excited to have such loyalty from Blue State and look forward to supporting their expanding operations in the future!

Karen agrees.

“We’re looking forward to keeping a creative and robust relationship with 2 Degrees into the future. Blue State really values its social mission, and offering 2 Degrees is another way we can contribute to a better world. In a larger sense, we have a shared mission, and it’s exciting to be working together to accomplish it.”

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