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Happy International Women’s Day!

We’re happy to share that this year’s International Women’s Day places a global focus on nutrition with the theme “Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty”. At 2 Degrees, we focus our hunger alleviation efforts on young children and infants. There is no person more critical than the mother in ensuring the health and safety of her child, particularly in the child’s first months of life.

Mothers provide nutrition to their children, both during pregnancy and breast feeding. An undernourished mother cannot provide adequate nutrition to her child in the first 1000 days of that child’s life — a critical time period in which children at risk of malnutrition may become stunted or wasted. These tragic conditions are often irreversible after the child reaches the age of just 2 years old.

Let’s remember how important mothers are in providing nutrients to their children and give thanks today for all the mothers worldwide who strive to feed their families.

A healthy human population starts in the woman’s womb. She is a fierce protector of life and health, and we believe in supporting and empowering women to make positive nutritional decisions for families across the world. In the fight against hunger, women are the main players. They deserve our respect and support, today and every day.

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