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2 Degrees is on Pinterest!

We’re proud to announce that 2 Degrees is now on Pinterest. We love this new image sharing platform…serious eye candy everywhere you look! From what we can tell, we are one of the first one-for-one companies go on Pinterest. So if you want the real graphic scoop on one-for-one and social enterprises, follow 2 Degrees Food!

So, what does a one-for-one food company share on Pinterest?

First off, we’re going to amass the most delicious images of our various ingredients. If you aren’t drooling by the time you’ve finished seeing these images, then check your pulse! Pecans, bananas, figs, dark chocolate…all in a carnival of popping images.

Did you know we have a resident artist at 2 Degrees? Karen Cadenhead, wife of co-founder Lauren Walters, has been active in the art world for decades and is now devoting her skills to bringing alive the 2 Degrees brand in her art. Check out our dedicated Pinboard for updates of her original and joyful art (as well as a few other contributors). Karen is very talented!

What else? We want to bring you to the countries where we donate. Why? These countries are incredibly rich in natural and human beauty. Did you know Lake Malawi is a sparking gem whose water color is reminiscent of a Caribbean scene? Check out our pictures and you’ll see. Or have you seen the vibrantly colored textiles that the people of Kenya wear? Be inspired!

We also want our Pinterest to convey the optimism and hope we feel about our mission to feed hungry children. Too often we are bombarded with images of desolation and despair. We want to tell a different story…one of hope. Look to our Pinterest boards to see children full of energy and hope…children who will be tomorrow’s leaders and help solve problems in the developing world. Let’s celebrate human potential.

So, please follow us on Pinterest and please share your beautiful images with us. See you there!

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