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Archives: April 2012

2 Degrees on the High Seas

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Ahoy! You’ve seen 2 Degrees bars in grocery stores, yoga shops, bike shops — even the Boston Opera House. But now they’ve gone marine and become a daily staple of the crew of the 200-year-old USS Niagara, a wooden-hulled brig that fought on Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Today, the Niagara is still seaworthy and ploughs the Great Lakes in search of adventure and discovery.

How did our one-for-one bars find their way to this antique vessel?

Peter Walters, our beloved Campus Program Director, is somewhat of a sea dog himself. A few years back, he sailed …

Go Bananas for Cherries: Fresh Cherry Recipe Roundup

gluten free bar, vegan bar, vegan chocolate, healthy bar

This is the BEST news you’ll hear all week. Delicious, sun-warmed cherries are coming into season in the next few weeks. Eat them sweet; eat them tart; eat them raw. You can’t do wrong with this red ambrosial delight.

Want to know some cherry recipes that will leave your family and friends slobbering for more? Take it away Barr Hogen, 2 Degrees Chef!


‘Tis cherry season – hooray!  Most grocery store cherries are sweet bing cherries.  If you are lucky, you might find some Rainier cherries, yellow tinted with a bright, peachy red hue.

Now we know that …

A shining hope in Kibera…made possible by you.

gluten free bar, vegan bar, vegan chocolate, healthy bar

Kibera, a neighborhood in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, is the second largest slum in Africa. It’s a tough place to live: the majority of the 800,000 residents have no electricity or running water. Disease is rampant due to malnutrition and open sewage systems.

Will and Lauren's trip to Kibera

2 Degrees founders Will and Lauren travelled to Kibera last year to understand the need firsthand. Will typically uses the word “sobering” when describing the emotional impact of his visit to Kibera.

“The need was everywhere, staring us in the face. It was daunting to see so much desperation, but also …

You are our compass.

gluten free bar, vegan bar, vegan chocolate, healthy bar

Who gives direction to 2 Degrees? In a large sense, our team is guided and inspired by our mission to feed hungry children. Still, we can’t fulfill this mission without all of our supporters who buy bars and trigger meal donations. In this sense, you are our guiding compass.

Social media allows us to connect in meaningful ways with our supporters — and it’s a 2 way street. We strive to keep you in the loop on both the product and giving sides of our business with daily updates on several social media channels. What is often overlooked is the …

Effective Donation Matters

Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 3.47.32 PM

Our commitment to deliver nutrient-rich meals to hungry children means we have to work with the best non-profits on the ground in regions affected by malnutrition. There is no substitute for the expertise that these organizations bring to the table. Not only do our partners maintain distribution networks to deliver meals, but they also produce the meals locally, stimulating the local economy.

Valid Nutrition has been with us from the beginning. They manufacture a variety of highly fortified nutritional foods for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition. A malnourished child is in a delicate state and cannot eat just anything. …

Three tons of product in one day?!

2 Degrees Founders Lauren and Will delivering meals in Malawi

At our weekly team meeting this morning, our operations team gave a remarkable update. Today, 2 Degrees is shipping out 62,514 bars to distributors and retailers across the country. This is our largest shipment of product ever in a single day. That’s over three tons of 2 Degrees bars and over a quarter of all product sold last calendar year. In one day.We are filled with optimism. As a social enterprise, these huge orders not only speak to the quality of our product, but they also prove that our supporters care about fighting childhood hunger. At our launching last year, …