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Effective Donation Matters

Our commitment to deliver nutrient-rich meals to hungry children means we have to work with the best non-profits on the ground in regions affected by malnutrition. There is no substitute for the expertise that these organizations bring to the table. Not only do our partners maintain distribution networks to deliver meals, but they also produce the meals locally, stimulating the local economy.

Valid Nutrition has been with us from the beginning. They manufacture a variety of highly fortified nutritional foods for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition. A malnourished child is in a delicate state and cannot eat just anything. Valid Nutrition has spent years refining therapeutic foods that address the specific needs of people at various stages of malnutrition. These products work and are saving lives every day.

2 Degrees has donated 89,000 Ready to Use Theraputic Foods (RUTF) produced by Valid Nutrition to acutely malnourished children in Malawi, forming nearly a quarter of our total 446,800 meal donations triggered to date. These meals are produced locally, creating jobs and improving food security. The meals have a shelf-life of a year and can be administered anywhere — instead of just clinics or hospitals. The result is a powerful and pervasive tool to combat malnutrition.

Valid Nutrition is just one of our many valuable partners, each of whom bring their special expertise and perspective to bear on our shared mission: eliminating childhood hunger. It’s incredible to think that simple consumer decisions have led to the donation of 89,000 meals halfway around the world. One-for-one social enterprise is making a real difference.

At 2 Degrees we’re very excited to expand our meal donations with Valid Nutrition and our other partners in the coming months. With your support, nothing can stop us.

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