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Three tons of product in one day?!

At our weekly team meeting this morning, our operations team gave a remarkable update. Today, 2 Degrees is shipping out 62,514 bars to distributors and retailers across the country. This is our largest shipment of product ever in a single day. That’s over three tons of 2 Degrees bars and over a quarter of all product sold last calendar year. In one day.We are filled with optimism. As a social enterprise, these huge orders not only speak to the quality of our product, but they also prove that our supporters care about fighting childhood hunger. At our launching last year, many wondered how much difference a one-for-one food company could really make. The answer is now apparent: in one business day, our supporters have triggered the donation of 62,514 meals to hungry children. We, together, are making a real impact — and we’ll keep growing that impact, day by day.

Numbers aside, this week has other other big news for 2 Degrees. We’ve expanded our donation coverage and are delivering meals in a new country. Not only is it a new country for our giving efforts, but also a new country on the world stage. Who can guess it? We’ll fill you in with all the details shortly.

Thank you to all our supporters creating a strong — and building — momentum to make positive change in children’s lives across the globe. It is your purchase decisions that power the one-for-one food movement. Your actions are making a big difference. Isn’t that exciting?

2 Degrees founders Lauren and Will delivering meals in Malawi

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