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2 Degrees on the High Seas

Ahoy! You’ve seen 2 Degrees bars in grocery stores, yoga shops, bike shops — even the Boston Opera House. But now they’ve gone marine and become a daily staple of the crew of the 200-year-old USS Niagara, a wooden-hulled brig that fought on Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Today, the Niagara is still seaworthy and ploughs the Great Lakes in search of adventure and discovery.

How did our one-for-one bars find their way to this antique vessel?

Peter Walters, our beloved Campus Program Director, is somewhat of a sea dog himself. A few years back, he sailed a summer on the Niagara as a deckhand and medical officer. 2 Degrees was just beginning to produce bars at the time, and Peter had several samples with him on the boat. Ever the evangelist, Peter recruited one of the other sailors — Dan Lewandowski, former Technology Director at General Mills — to join up with the 2 Degrees team. Dan continues to provide us with valuable expertise to this day.

Peter also ensured that 2 Degrees made a big impact on the Chief Mate of the Niagara. So much so, that recently the brig put in an order for a case of our bars. Way to go Niagara! You’ve triggered the donation of 54 meals to children in need. We hope you enjoy our nutrient dense bars as you swab the decks and furl the sails on sparkling Lake Erie.

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