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Intelligent Giving

The one-for-one movement is changing the world we live in. Can’t you feel the trend picking up steam as more and more companies embrace giving? Have you heard of WeWood timepieces? For every 100% wood watch you buy, they plant a tree. Sport a natural look while supporting sustainable forestry. We think that’s pretty cool.

Giving is important. However, the way you give is also critical.

Giving is best done where there is true need. A one-for-one food company needs to donate meals in countries with substantial chronic hunger or malnutrition. That’s why we work in countries that suffer from prevalent malnutrition, such as Malawi, Haiti and India. To maximize impact, we give where the need is greatest.

Moreover, giving offers the opportunity to create local jobs. The majority of the Ready To Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) — a powerful tool in fighting malnutrition — is made in France. We don’t believe it makes sense to buy RUTF from France and ship it to Malawi. Not only does this create a needlessly large carbon footprint, but it also squanders the opportunity to create local work in Malawi. Instead, 2 Degrees partners with Valid Nutrition, which produces RUTF in Malawi made by Malawians. In India, we partner with Akshaya Patra which produces hot meals in India made by Indians. To maximize impact, we support local economies.

At 2 Degrees, we are committed to a one-for-one model that is sustainable and high impact. We’re proud to announce that our efforts in this realm were recently recognized by the popular blog, Mother Jones. Join us in supporting businesses that positively impact our world in a sustainable way.

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