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2 Degrees adds a momentous new partner…

We’ve got a extraordinary new partnership to announce! But first let’s take stock of what’s already in place…

The power of 2 Degrees Food comes from its network. At the ground floor we rely squarely on you, our supporters. Every time you purchase a 2 Degrees bar, you enable the donation of a meal to a hungry child. That’s no small feat: together we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of meals. That’s something to feel good about.

Another part of the 2 Degrees network is our fantastic staff, which has grown organically over the months of 2 Degrees’s operation. It all started with Lauren and Will — 2 Degrees founders who met over twenty years ago — and has branched out to include the powerful team that today drives our business into the future. Let’s also not forget the robust 2 Degrees Campus Program, which empowers college students to sell 2 Degrees bars and spread the word about our mission at college campuses across the United States.

On the corporate level, we have critical partners — respected companies such as AOL, Cisco, Facebook, The Atlantic and Hewlett Packard — that support our business by not only buying bars, but also providing us with the tools and network to raise awareness about our one-for-one mission to fight childhood hunger.

The rubber hits the road with our non-profit partners. These are the organizations that are on the ground across the planet actually delivering the meals that 2 Degrees purchases trigger. Our founding partner was Partners in Health, which has done decades of top-notch work in Haiti and then other parts of the world. Since that founding partnership, we’ve expanded our ability to impact childhood hunger by engaging more partners: Akshaya Patra in India, Valid Nutrition in Malawi and Relief International in Somalia, to name a few.

Today we’re happy to announce that 2 Degrees is now official partners with IMA World Health, an organization that has advanced health and healing to vulnerable and marginalized people the world over since the 1960’s. IMA was named one of Forbes’ 20 most efficient charities 2 years in a row and has received Charity Navigator’s highest efficiency ratings five years running. The sustainable solutions driven approach that IMA brings to the table has been cultivated over decades of work in some of the hardest hit parts of the world.

We sincerely look forward to continuing our fight against childhood hunger with IMA World Health as part of the 2 Degrees family. With partners like IMA and supporters like you, there is no limit to the positive impact we can make.

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    Visiting San Francisco in Oct 2012,We will make contact.Impressive Blog.

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