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Why One-For-One?

Why one-for-one? This question gets to the root of our raison d’être: At 2 Degrees Food, we believe that the concept and business model of “buy one, give one” can change the world.

In a time of social, economic and political battles (it’s election season, of course), questions of ethics– of individuals and nations– comes to the fore. How should we treat others–whether Americans, immigrants or foreigners? The question is easily answered when one considers family and friends, but becomes more complicated when one considers people from different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems. What do you do when you happen upon a homeless person? Do you acknowledge their humanity with a nod and “hello” and continue walking? Do you stop and rid your wallet of weathered ones? Maybe you continue walking, acknowledge the common humanity, but ultimately shrug your shoulders with the universal “I’ve got nothing–so sorry!” Or do you merely continue walking by without a glance? How we treat those who are worst off in society speaks volumes about our culture.

So, again…why one-for-one? We believe that between your purchase decisions, and our giving partnerships, we can seriously tackle this one, tremendous and devastating, global problem: childhood hunger, because there’s really nothing worse in the world.

We believe that consumerism and philanthropy do not need to be separate ideas or actions. In this day and age, there’s no reason why all parties involved in a business transaction shouldn’t benefit: we feed you, you feed us, and we feed others. The power of connection is tremendous, and with the help of conscientious and caring people like you, who share our products and mission with your community, we all can change the world, and the lives of others, for the better. One bar sold is one meal given…and sometimes that one meal can mean the difference between a lifetime of disease, illness, and hardship and one of opportunity, education and prosperity.

Did you know that if you can provide a child with adequate nutrition for just the first three years of life, you’ve given them the keys to a future of possibilities? Just three years. These first few years are the foundation on which a child, and their community can build a future. Without those first nourished years, serious problems will emerge and can persist through future generations.

We try to make giving and helping others simple, affordable and even a bit tasty. Put your checkbooks away, pull out a handful of quarters, and feed yourself and another at the same time. You’re only 2 steps away from a hungry child– somewhere in the world– and here at 2 Degrees Food, we will continue to bridge that gap for you; we will continue to make giving easy and rewarding.

Join our movement. Help us fight childhood hunger by feeding your own.

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