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My summer Interning at 2 Degrees Food

I had the honor of interning at 2 Degrees Food this past summer as a Marketing Intern. Like many college students, I began my internship search looking for a place that I would find interest in, would help me grow, and would be easily accessible. 2 Degrees offered these qualities, but it also offered something greater. What attracted me to this company the most was its mission. I quickly fell in love with the location and the product. But more importantly, I fell in love with the “One-For-One” model. Working for a company that is based on doing good and helping others, provide me with the greatest experience of all. The best part about this internship was working with the 2 Degrees Team. Each individual shares the same passion for the company and its mission as I do. When I first met the team it was evident that they were all working there because of the
passion they have for ending child hunger and malnutrition and encouraging others to do so as well. Not only was I able to further develop and strengthen my Marketing and Business skills, more importantly, I learned that each one of us can make a direct difference through simple everyday purchases. 2 Degrees Food is not your typical snack bar company. It is a company that exists to make a positive change throughout the world, and encourages everyone to be a part of that effort. The greatest feeling this summer was the realization that I, too, was helping in that effort and will continue to do so as I continue my journey. I will always support and be connected to 2 Degrees and will continue to be a member of this team, helping carry out its


Mariel de Leon

Mariel is an undergraduate at Haas School of Business



2 Responses to My summer Interning at 2 Degrees Food

  1. fathur123jave says: 

    Slamat malam

  2. rowihd says: 

    Hi Mariel, you have chosen a good place to intern. after I look at your company’s mission, which is to help feed starving children around the world (this is a noble thing, everyone would agree with me), I think with the academic degree that you have right now, it’s you choose this company. I bet you have a social life and concern for others. Great choice Mariel.

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