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Which 2 Degrees bar flavor is the BEST?

We get asked this question alllllll the time! The easy answer is: “Well, everyone has different taste preferences and it depends if you’re looking for more of a fruity, nutty or chocolatey taste”. The more difficult answer involves a brief analysis of each of our fantastic flavors. If you’re new to the 2 Degrees community and have yet to try a bar, this should help you pick out your first bar(s):

Chocolate Peanut: Also referred to by some as the “‘crazin’ raisin choco-peanut haven,” this fruit and nut bar warmly welcomes you with a strong peanut taste, gently accented by hints of chocolate and raisin, with a satisfying, earthy crunch from the quinoa, chia and millet seeds that can be found in all four of our bars. This tasty little guy was our top seller for our first entire year in business! If you like chocolate peanut bars, but don’t want the overwhelming chocolate and sweet flavor that’s common in many other bars, this might just be the one for you!

Apple Pecan: Like apple pie? How about apple crisp? How about apple pie and apple crisp fused together into a low-calorie, gluten free, and vegan on-the-go snack? If so, you might have just found your match! This bar is infused with dried apples, real pecans, and tasty heritage grains that are in all of our bars. While this bar isn’t the overall crowd favorite, some people swear it’s the best bar they’ve ever tasted and would even give their children away for a free lifetime supply! Seriously though. All the kids– gone.

Cherry Almond: Oh man…this one is our bread and butter. Our stellar chef,Barr Hogen,  clearly crafted this one knowing that it would be as hit. Welcome to the world of delicious, tart cherries, and toasted almonds, rice crisps and, yep– you guessed it– those grain staples that pull all the tastes and textures together into a bar of cherry-licious proportions!!!

Chocolate Banana: Here we are. Chocolate banana. If you’ve ever had a frozen chocolate-covered banana, you know the amazing taste of this bar already. Except ours is crunchy! This bar has a different look, taste and texture from the other three bars, but more and more customers are saying that this one is the blue ribbon winner. Made with unsulfured bananas and our tasty chocolate this bar is an amazing fusion of texture and flavor explosion in your mouth. Recently, in fact, our interns did some analysis of the movement of each of our flavors, and it looks like Chocolate Banana is currently our fastest moving flavor– it literally flies (with her banana wings) off of the shelves and counter tops. If you want this critic’s opinion, the 2 Degrees Chocolate Banana flavor is, without question, the BEST BAR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

There you have it. A completely unbiased and neutral (har-har) review of the 2 Degrees bar flavors. Try them all to see which is YOUR favorite!



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