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How to Build a Movement

Here at 2 Degrees we often think about movements. We think about creating something much bigger than a snack bar company. We think about solving global problems. 

Snack companies generally don’t experience the type of growth that we’ve experienced over the last 3 years. If you ask folks in the food industry how long it took them to get into Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble College, Google, Twitter, AOL, HP, United Airlines, and many others, they’ll likely tell you how challenging it is.

While our products are healthy and tasty, that’s usually not the main reason why retailers and corporate offices decide to stock 2 Degrees bars. These folks believe in an idea–a very powerful idea, at that. This idea is simple: for every 2 Degrees product you buy, we feed a hungry child. That’s it. We don’t veil our efforts in percentages of profit or revenue. We aim to make it absolutely clear and transparent what we do, and how we do it. Our mission is to end childhood hunger. We’re not going to settle for less. As they say in the army, failure is not an option. Lives depend on your purchase decisions, and we’re here to help.

The lives of hundreds of millions of children depend on you believing that businesses can do better– especially food businesses. Numerous studies point to the excess of food around the world. In the end, it’s a distribution problem. We know how to solve this problem, and we work with the top organizations in the world to deliver meals to children who need them most.

Our CEO often calls you all ‘2 Degrees people,’ because you see what we’re trying to do here. Our snack bars are just the beginning. Selling in the U.S. is just our launch pad. We’re going to launch 2 Degrees around the world, so everyone can buy to give and join our tribe. This is a movement for health, compassion and ultimately a better, more equitable world.

Join us, as we take the next steps on this road towards food for everyone. No one should go to bed hungry.

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  1. Sue Wilber says: 

    I love the product, but love the mission of 2 Degrees even more. I recently gave a box to a friend to mail to nephew as a gift along with the message of 2 Degree. My grandsons will be getting a boxes at Christmas with the message of giving to other kids that will never in their life have what they enjoy. Thank you for letting me be part of a great adventure.

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