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Solving The World’s Biggest Problems Using One-for-One

It’s clear that doing good in the world is also good for business. In fact, more and more consumers are demanding social responsibility from the businesses that they support.

2 Degrees Food, SoapBox Soaps, TOMS, Warby Parker, Thinx, Smile Squared and other Buy-One-Give-One companies are beginning a trend in business that can help solve some of the biggest problems in the world. Really.

Top Global Problems: According to Business Insider, the UN lists poverty, hunger and lack of clean drinking water as the biggest problems that the world faces. If we are able to help solve these problems by working as the liaison between the haves and the havenots while orchestrating thoughtful consumerism, then this dream, could become a reality.

Going Social: It’s never too late to take your business social, to build in a one-for-one model into the DNA if your company. You don’t need to become a nonprofit to do good for the world. In fact, it’s much easier. Find a cause that resonates with your company or even your customers. Find a nonprofit that is fantastic and transparent about the work that they do to solve X problem (hunger, water, clean energy, microfinance, sustainable development, etc), and figure out a mutually beneficial partnership. Determine how you connect one sale or equivalent unit of work from your company with the donation of [insert unit of social good] to the cause of your choice, but run your numbers– see if one-for-one could work for you.

Imagine Social Good at Scale: The big visions that involve changing the world work best when everyone is on board. A few hundred companies making significant social impact is good, but tens of thousands of businesses doing this is paradigm-shifting. Coca-Cola could donate water access for every soda they sell; NASDAQ could donate a meal for every stock they broker; GM could donate a cow for every car they sell; Shell or BP could donate energy access for every gallon of gas they sell. If you want to change the world, the scale of things needs to change from the few to the many. We need to begin asking ourselves collectively, what IF…

What if…

Every business made charitable contributions on a one-for-one basis.

People only supported companies that gave back.

We were a culture of giving, instead of getting.

What if we could do all of these things? Perhaps we will. It will take an army of socially conscious individuals and organizations who believe to their core that a more equitable world is possible. It takes you making purchase decisions that support companies that are doing good.

Join us! Join our Buy-One-Give-One (one-for-one) friends as we work to create a world that makes life better for everybody.

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