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The TOMS Shoes of nutrition: 2 Degrees Food

Peter Walters One Campaign Blog

This article was written by Peter Walters, the Director of Business Development & Partnerships for 2 Degrees Food. Their mission is to bridge the gap between consumers in the US and hungry children all over the world.  Peter describes his first encounter experiencing the impact of 2 Degrees Foods’ meals donations in Haiti. 

For the past two-and-a-half years or so I have been working with my father, his partner Will and a team of passionate social entrepreneurs for 2 Degrees Food, which is dedicated to the eradication of childhood hunger. Our company sells gluten-free and vegan snack

EXCLUSIVE: A Nutrition Bar that is Saving Lives

Tanushree Srivastava Charity Spring

Will Hauser and Lauren Walters – old friends – decided to start a new kind of food company: one that would make great products and help feed hungry children around the world.

They had similar backgrounds – both were the sons of 2 doctors and both decided on business careers instead of medicine. Both always believed that business and helping others were completely compatible.

Will, while an undergraduate at Harvard, led Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run business in the world, before going to Goldman Sachs. Lauren is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and advisor to companies and non-profits.

Both knew …

WFP USA Partners with 2 Degrees Food to Combat Childhood Hunger

WFP USA World Food Programme USA

WFP USA Partners with 2 Degrees Food to Combat Childhood Hunger
By WFP USA  Published on July 30, 2012
2 Degrees founders Will Hauser (L) and Lauren Walters (R) are fighting childhood hunger through sales of their all-natural, vegan food bars.

2 Degrees Food is an innovative, social enterprise with a big goal: to make a significant impact on global childhood hunger. Knowing that hunger affects over 200 million children around the world, 2 Degrees founders Will Hauser and Lauren Walters started the world’s first one-for-one food company to lend a helping hand.

Here’s how it works: 2

Product Review: 2 Degrees Food Bar

Fit or Fail Domestic Square Peg

Product Review: 2 Degrees Food Bar
Posted on May 3, 2012 by Fit or Fail

What is a 2 Degree Food Bar?

2 Degrees Food Bar is a new product aimed at the TOMS shoes/health food market. What you will find in this modest-sized bar is plenty of quiona, chia, millet and more than a pinch of generosity.  The wrapper brags: ”Here at 2 Degrees, we believe that everyday choices can make a big difference. Instead of grabbing just any snack, you can go for one that feeds your hunger and helps do the same for another.  That’s the …

Inspiyrd: Will Hauser of 2 Degrees Food

Dan Cassidy Inspiyrd

Inspiyr.com recently spoke with Will Hauser, Co-Founder & President of 2 Degrees Food, a new food company that donates a meal to a hungry child for every food bar sold.  Will spent time with Inspiyr to discuss how he and his partner started the business, why there is such demand for the one-for-one business model, and advice on what guys can do to take the leap to achieve their dreams.  He should know what it takes; he left his job at a high profile investment bank to start this socially-good company.

We think what you’re doing at 2 Degrees

2 Degrees Food helps feed hungry kids worldwide

Kellie Speed Examiner.com

Food companies are all about food, right? Not if you are 2 Degrees Food, which feeds a hungry child with every product sold.

Their mission is to help feed the millions of hungry kids (ages five and under) throughout the world. For every nutritious bar sold, they will provide a meal for a hungry child. It doesn’t get much better or easier than this to help out.

In December, the company had donated its 250,000th meal and has served a variety of countries, including Haiti, Malawi, Kenya, India and Somalia. Each meal is medically formulated to treat severe acute malnutrition …

Student Entrepreneurs Fighting Hunger

Webmaster Saint Raphael Academy

Student Entrepreneurs Fighting Hunger
by WEBMASTER on FEBRUARY 7, 2012 ·
You might have seen Ishmael Asante or Kevin Garcia around campus selling the 2 Degrees food bars…or you may have seen them at basketball games…Catholic Athletic League events…SRA students events…just about anywhere.  This dynamic entrepreneurial and socially minded duo are out to educate the SAINTS family about global hunger and help put an end to it as well. 

About 2 Degrees and Saint Raphael Academy

The partnership between 2 Degrees Food and Saint Raphael Academy began when Ishmael Asante (junior) and Kevin Garcia (sophomore) joined the 2 Degrees

Social Entrepreneurs in Action: Co-Founders of 2 Degrees Food

Jeffrey Hollender Jeffrey Hollender Partners

Guest Blog Post by Lauren Walters and Will Hauser, co-founders, 2 Degrees Food, San Francisco, CA

Note: This is the first in a new series of blog post I wil feature on social entrepreneurs in the field. I hope you find their stories inspiring, helpful and proof that we can build a better world through better business.

These are exciting times for social entrepreneurs. We’re witnessing a welcomed broadening of the criteria for true business success, which encourages the sustained wellbeing of employees, shareholders and the world at large.

We founded 2 Degrees Food in 2009 to be part …

A Season of Giving: Our Favorite Charities

Laarni Almendrala Ragaza PC Mag

In this holiday season of getting, maybe it’s time to do some giving instead. There are many charities and non-profits out there doing important work to help others. We offer some of our personal favorites.

During this holiday season, you’ve been bombarded with advertisements about the latest and greatest tech toys, bargain gifts, luxury items, and the like. It’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla of purchasing that perfect something, or scoring a sweet deal on the hottest item on the market. But this is supposed to be a season of giving, not getting. And in …

How to Tackle the World’s Challenges Through the Power of Business: The Case of 2 Degrees Food

Impact Economy

07. December 2011
How to tackle our world’s challenges through the power of business: the case of 2 Degrees Food

Impact Economy organizes Swiss visit for the first one-for-one food company

Regardless of all advancements in our 21st century world, childhood malnutrition in BoP areas remains a challenge which needs immediate action and viable solutions. 200+ million children around the world do not have access to appropriate nutrition, thus growing up physically and mentally stunted, vulnerable to infectious diseases, and unable to be productive members of their communities.

2 Degrees, a San Francisco based food company founder by Will Hauser …

21 Charitable Gifts That Could Change the World

Laura Schwecherl The Greatist

21 Charitable Gifts That Could Change the World

by Laura Schwecherl · Happiness

As the end of the year approaches, so does the gift-giving tradition. From the rush leading up to the festivities to last-minute sales at the mall, there are lots of opportunities to find the perfect present for friends and family. This holiday season, try giving a gift that doesn’t require a receipt. Here’s a list of charities offering gifts that genuinely improve people’s lives. Of course, these aren’t the only charities out there— just some of many we find inspiring!

Gifts To Feel Good Giving

Alternate Gifts …

Action Against Hunger Goes Hollywood!

Action Against Hunger

As part of the launch of our new and exciting partnership with 2 Degrees Food, we brought our message about ending deadly malnutrition to Los Angeles for the celeb-studded American Music Awards. 2 Degrees’ vegan, gluten-free bars—available nationwide at Whole Foods supermarkets—not only taste fantastic, they’re also the backbone of an incredible “one-to-one” program. For every bar purchased, the company donates one nutrition pack (like Plumpy’nut) to organizations like us.

GBK’s Rock N’ Royalty Gift Lounge Honored Nominees and Presenters for the 2011 American Music Awards

LA's the Place

2 Degrees Food, dedicated to helping the starving children of the world at the GBK Rock N’ Royalty Gifting Lounge for the 2011 American Music. This is an altruistic company with a solid, workable plan to save starving children in Africa and Haiti. For more info, go to: www.twodegreesfood.wpengine.com, and the charity that distributes food donated by 2 Degrees, www.ActionAgainstHunger.org

30 Gifts that Give Back

Ian Vadas Giving Brands

13. 2 Degrees Food Bars

These are great bars to take with you on the trail. They are gluten free, vegan and low sodium. Buy one, and 2 Degrees donates a nutrition pack to a hungry child in places like Malawi to help combat malnutrition.…

Buy a Bar, Give a Pack

Scottie Whiteley The Tiger News

Food company provides for malnourished children using the one-for-one business model.


This article originally appeared in The Tiger on November 4, 2011

2 Degrees is the first food company to adopt the one-for-one business model of social giving; for every nutrition bar sold, 2 Degrees Food donates a nutrition pack to a child in need.

These socially responsible food bars are now available at Clemson’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

2 Degrees, founded in 2009 and officially launched in 2011, has already sent 70,000 nutrition packs to hungry children.

“My partner Lauren [Walters, CEO of 2 Degrees] and …

ESF | One-for-one: Inspired by TOMS Shoes company, 2 Degrees donates nutrition packs

Jess Siart The Daily Orange

Students can now do more than just satisfy their hunger with 2 Degrees nutrition bars — they will be giving children the vital nutrition they need to survive. Kevin Phu, a senior chemistry major at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, is the ESF/Syracuse University campus director for the 2 Degrees company, which donates nutrition packs to children in developing countries. 2 Degrees uses the “one-for-one” model, in which a nutrition pack is donated to a needy child in a developing country for every bar purchased, Phu said. The bars are sold at People’s …

Tulsans use marketing to feed kids in Malawi

One in seven people will go to bed hungry tonight.

That’s according to the World Food Programme, the food aid arm of the United Nations, which labels hunger as the No. 1 global health risk.

About 925 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat, the WFP claims, and undernutrition contributes to 5 million deaths of children younger than 5 each year in developing countries.

It seems like an overwhelming tide to turn, but that’s what the makers of a nutrition bar are hoping to do – and they want to do it with your help.

For every …

Borrowing the TOMS Shoes Model, 2 Degrees Donates Food For Every Energy Bar Bought

Rachel Cernansky TreeHugger.com

The model behind TOMS Shoes has been such a smashing success that when Will Hauser and Lauren Walters decided to go into business together, they borrowed the buy-one-give-one model and applied it to food. For every 2 Degrees food bar purchased, the company donates a nutrition pack to a hungry child.

But it’s not just any nutrition pack. What is most exciting about 2 Degrees is that the food they donate is locally-sourced, and produced by a company that also hires locally. That’s a pretty great thing to see for a food aid project, traditional models for which have tended …

MIT tackles hunger: MFWH organizes 12 hr. hunger strike

Adisa Kruayatidee MIT: The Tech

What’s for lunch? Next Friday, participants in Hunger Strike will be tackling significantly larger-scale hunger issues. The planned 12-hour fast marks the conclusion of Hunger Week, a series of events and fundraisers sponsored by MIT Fighting World Hunger (MFWH). Community members are welcome to commit to the Strike by paying $5 for an event T-shirt.

Ting Mao ’14, founder of MFWH, said Hunger Week’s main goals were to kickoff the club’s year-round commitment to raising hunger awareness. Around campus, the club’s black-and-red posters read, “Are you hungry? One in seven in the world are.”

Hunger Week will feature a canned

This Just In: 2 Degrees Bars

This Just In

The Delivery: 2 Degrees Bars

Staff Pick: The bars!

The DL: Don’t you just love companies that give back? For every vegan bar purchased from 2 Degrees, the company gives a nutrition pack to a hungry child. Talk about a guilt-free snack. You know who else is giving back? Ecorazzi. While most people receive presents for their birthdays, Ecorazzi has teamed up with restaurants to give special discounts to readers for the blog’s fifth birthday. Check out our state-by-state guide of participating vegan eateries to celebrate at this weekend.…

2 Degrees – HP Social Collaboration

Dennis Hildebrand Hildebrand Creative blog

Social responsibility in action – HP collaborating with a young start-up 2 Degrees Food to help fight child hunger. 2 Degrees is a fabulous organization set up on the one-for-one model, meaning that for every fruit & nut snack bar they sell, they donate a nutrient-dense meal specially formulated for malnourished and chronically hungry children to have an immediate impact on their hunger.

Not only are their bars gluten free, vegan and low sodium, they are amazingly good. To add to that, they purchase only meals which are produced by local organizations in the regions they donate – this boosts …

2 Degrees nutrition bars help feed hungry children

Susan Esrey New Hope 360 Blog

The first food company founded specifically to fight childhood hunger, 2 Degrees donates a high-calorie, medically formulated, portable nutrition pack to a child in need, for every bar sold in the United States.

At our offices here in Boulder, Colo., we get inundated (in a nice way) with samples of the latest, most innovative bars: raw and vegan; free of gluten, soy, dairy, and GMOs; filled with exotic ingredients from goji berries to maté.

But for me, one bar stands out from the rest, thanks to its main ingredient: generosity. Don’t get me wrong: 2 Degrees bars taste great— satisfying,

Sustainability Bridges the Generation Gap

Will Hauser and Lauren Walters Triple Pundit

The “sustainability generation” is a moniker most typically associated with Millennials. They are, after all, the generation that has grown up around hybrid vehicles, mainstream recycling, and locally sourced food movements.

They’re the generation so fluent in social media and online networking that building movements and impacting wholesale change for societal improvement is a reflexive action ingrained in everyday lifestyle. This generation is further characterized by a self-assurance that individual actions can and do make a difference.

Arguably though, the title of the “sustainability generation” could be just as easily claimed by the baby boomers whose early activism spurred awareness …

Will Hauser: 2 Degrees Food CEO

Gary Goldman Daily Brink

The concept is simple: for every delicious nutrition bar purchased, a nutrition pack is provided to one of 2 million hungry children in the developing world. Based on the famous one-for-one social entrepreneurship model that took off a few years ago with a then-little-known shoe company called TOMS, 2 Degrees Food was founded by Will Hauser, an energetic Harvard graduate, and Lauren Walters, family friend and life-long political activist/entrepreneur. What is remarkable about 2 Degrees, now officially available at your neighborhood Whole Foods, is the fundamental principle it stands for: provide your customers with quality products and add value within …

Help End Childhood Hunger with Delicious 2 Degrees® Bars

Leslie Leslie Loves Veggies

200 Million Children WillGo to Bed Hungry Every Single Night This Year
6 Million Children will Die As A Direct Result Of Malnutrition This Year

This doesn’t have to happen and we can do something about it!  There are solutions and we can all be a part of them!

2 Degrees® Food, founded in 2009 by 2 long-time family friends, Will Hauser and Lauren Walters, is a one-for-one food company that feeds a hungry child with every product sold. Its social mission combines delicious, healthy food bars with a commitment to giving a medically-formulated nutrition pack to a hungry child …

Snack bar with Boulder ties benefits malnourished

Sarah Simmons Boulder weekly

Boulder is about to get another nutritional bar.

But this one is for a good cause, and its product developer lives in town.

Soon to be situated among the various granola and protein-rich bars already on the shelves at the Boulder Whole Foods locations will be a new bar with a mission: To help end the malnutrition of thousands of children in Africa.

The newest addition is from 2 Degrees, a company based out of San Francisco that launched in January and has promised a one-for-one business philosophy with its sales. Co-founder and president Will Hauser says that for every …

Food For Life

Robin Canfield SocialEarth

On your last trip to the grocery store you may have noticed a new name in the nutrition bar section, or a new logo on your way through the checkout stand. 2 Degrees is spreading its bars through markets across the United States – and with their aim set on some very lofty goals, the organization isn’t going about things slowly.

Lauren Walters is an advisor for the Boston-based nonprofit Partners in Health. It was with Partners in Health thathe had his first encounters with malnourished children in Africa.

“You think, ‘How could this happen?’” he recently explained …

2011 Aspen Ideas Festival: Lauren Walters

Plum TV

CEO and co founder Lauren Walters discusses the 2 Degrees mission- the fight against malnutrition, a devastating condition impacting millions of children. Hear what Walters and 2 Degrees are doing to combat this problem.…

Making a Difference & Eating Well

Gluten Free Vegan Family Blog

Here at Gluten-Free Vegan Fam we spend a lot of time talking about, creating, and eating delicious, appealing dishes that are good for our family. We’re highly focused on providing our teens with the best nutritional choices. Like so many parents in the Western World, we cringe when our kids pick up highly processed “junk” food during social events and worry if they stop eating any particular food group we know to be nutritious. Frankly, we’re spoiled.

There has never been a day when I could not give my children nutritious food to eat. I’ve never had to rock my …

gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

gluten-free girl and the chef

For awhile there, we were giving you recommendations here, of foods we like and products that arrived at the house that we would buy again. You can see the tab up there, the one that says RECOMMENDATIONS. However, we sort of tailed off eventually. This morning, I was trying to figure out why. Then it hit me: Twitter. Facebook. The days when all I wrote was in this space feel sort of quaint to me now. Danny and I are always sharing our recommendations and enthusiasms in those other spaces. We love recommending our friends’ work and …

2 Degrees Food Giveaway

An Apple A Day

TwoDegreesFood has a mission to feed 200 million hungry children – one child at a time. For every bar you buy, they give a nutrition pack to a hungry child.

Nutrition packs are revolutionary treatments for severe and chronic malnutrition. Known as Ready-to-Use Food (RUF), these nutrition packs have been endorsed by the World Health Organization and treat chronic and severely malnourished children with up to 95% success rates. As convenient packs that do not require water or refrigeration, they have shifted the treatment of hungry children from doctors in hospitals to a community-based model focused on mothers in homes.

Fast Food

Kerry J. Byrne Boston Herald

No sub for ‘hero’

The biggest names in the Boston restaurant biz gather in the Back Bay on May 16 to honor Jack Sidell, the late financier who remade the city’s dining scene.

It’s a fundraiser for Mass General’s Heart Center, where Sidell was cared for before he died in 2007.

“Jack was my hero. I wouldn’t have got my start without him,” said Jasper White, one of the first of many A-list local chefs to partner with Sidell. “Boston went from a city not known for its dining to one of the best dining cities in America. It could …

From Harvard Degree to 2 Degrees

Bari C. Saltman The Harvard Crimson

Thanks to the social enterprise of one Harvard alumnus, students now have the opportunity to feed a hungry child with each Science Center stop or late-night snack.

2 Degrees Food—a company launched in January that aims to “fight childhood hunger around the world,” according to co-founder William B. Hauser ’08—is now selling its nutrition bars on campus, around the Square, and across the country. For every 2 Degrees nutrition bar sold in the United States, the company donates one ready-to-use food pack to feed a malnourished child in Africa.

Last month, Hauser visited Malawi to deliver 10,800 nutrition packs to …

Meetings and Conventions Magazine

Jonathan Vatner Meetings and Conventions Magazine

Daily Hot Ideas – Nutrition for All

RUF Packets Could End World Hunger

Bianca Bartz Trend Hunter

Food packets, or what is called ready-to-use food (RUF) may be the secret to helping end world hunger. Doctors Without Borders believe that by increasing shipments of RUF, millions of children could be saved from starvation.

The extremely high rates of world hunger are shocking, and disturbing to those people who have never experienced it, mostly because we feel there is nothing we can do. Many people contribute to charities, donate to food drives, or support foreign aid workers, but no significant breakthroughs have been made yet.

The key concern is that while the children may receive food, the items …