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Nina Rush

  • School: University of Oregon
  • Region: West
  • State: Oregon
Bio: Nina was born and raised in San Rafael, a city located North of San Francisco. She grew up with a love for hiking and exploring the surrounding hills, which has carried with her into adulthood. She has spent the past six summers working at a summer camp located at an outdoor education facility in Northern California. She currently lives in Eugene and is attending the University of Oregon. She spends her time hiking, going to school, and soaking up warm water in natural hot springs. Nina is majoring in Environment, Globalization, and policy, which goes beyond a focus of education for her. Nina is passionate about working towards a sense of community, both globally and locally, to help preserve the natural environment and the people existing within it. She strives to continue to work towards this goal in her role as Campus Director for the University of Oregon. As a Campus Director, Nina hopes to find students with the same passion for global connections to help advocate for hungry children across the world.

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