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Sofia Duque

  • School: Tulane University
  • Region: Southeast
  • State: Louisiana
Bio: Sofia Duque is currently a freshman at Tulane University, where she is studying Public Health and Neuroscience. She was born and lived in Cali, Colombia, where she was exposed to the social justice deficit that is so prevalent in third-world countries. That is part of the reason why she decided to become a Campus director for Two Degrees-- to make health accessible to those who need it. The best way to promote the health of a society is to focus on preventative care, and Two Degrees bars are doing exactly that! Another reason is because, however daunting world hunger abolishment may seem, it is possible. Sofia believes that the more utterly, irrevocably, unchangeably clear it is that we cannot make a difference, the more we must. And just knowing that we have allowed someone to breathe more easily is not only satisfying, but a testament of what we can achieve. She thinks a good question is, if it's so easy for us to help people who need it-- why wouldn't we?

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