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Cholesterol: Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Cholesterol: Choose Your Snacks Wisely

By Leslie Vandever

Everyone wants a snack once in a while. It’s simply a fact of life. Isn’t it great that America’s food industry so kindly provides such a humongous variety of snacks to choose from?

And they’re so good! You can get them salty or sweet (or both at the same time); spicy or savory or delicately flavored; crunchy or crumbly or soft; hot, cold, frozen or warm; large and small, bite-sized or by the handful.

Unfortunately, the majority of those scrumptious, tempting snacks aren’t very good for us. Along with a load of …

Solving The World’s Biggest Problems Using One-for-One

It’s clear that doing good in the world is also good for business. In fact, more and more consumers are demanding social responsibility from the businesses that they support.

2 Degrees Food, SoapBox Soaps, TOMS, Warby Parker, Thinx, Smile Squared and other Buy-One-Give-One companies are beginning a trend in business that can help solve some of the biggest problems in the world. Really.

Top Global Problems: According to Business Insider, the UN lists poverty, hunger and lack of clean drinking water as the biggest problems that the world faces. If we are able to help solve these problems by working as the liaison between the haves and …

Hiring Director of Operations & Supply Chain


2 Degrees Food is the first Buy-One-Give-One food company. For every snack product we sell, we donate a meal to a hungry child through our nonprofit partners.  The Company’s strong, growing brand, high quality products, and delicious flavors generated national media recognition on the Today’s Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, GOOD Business, Inc., ABC News and Women’s Magazine among others.

The Company distributes its product in various channels: retail (retailers/distributors) direct, and in corporate offices, airlines, yoga studios, bookstores  and events around the country. 2 Degrees is rapidly gaining brand recognition in all channels, highlighted by its continued sales growth …

To Be Two or 2, That Was the Question!


Over the past few months our team has been working to rethink the look and feel of the 2 Degrees brand. We’re excited to finally share our new logo, packaging and brand identity with you, our valued customer.

We’re realizing more and more that millennials are one of our biggest, most passionate and engaged demographics. These young adults recognize that the world is changing— that nothing is set in stone, and that many businesses are making huge leaps in innovation everyday. Generation Y and Z are looking at the world differently— as more fluid and moldable with the spark of …

Check out our recent visit to the San Francisco Food Bank!


2 Degrees & Church World Service Partnership

I like snack bars.  But, who would have thought the snack bars I eat could be related to my passion for fighting hunger?  Working for CWS, where we believe strongly that no one ever go hungry, I am very excited about 2 Degrees and the promise it holds for hungry children.

In fact, I’ve spent the past few months filling colleagues and friends heads with stories about this rather incredible tasting line of snack bars. Gluten free, vegan and loaded with good nutrition, you can purchase and enjoy 2 Degrees bars knowing that every bar you eat means another meal …

How to Build a Movement

Here at 2 Degrees we often think about movements. We think about creating something much bigger than a snack bar company. We think about solving global problems. 

Snack companies generally don’t experience the type of growth that we’ve experienced over the last 3 years. If you ask folks in the food industry how long it took them to get into Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble College, Google, Twitter, AOL, HP, United Airlines, and many others, they’ll likely tell you how challenging it is.

While our products are healthy and tasty, that’s usually not the main reason why retailers and corporate …

2 Degrees Takes to the Skies!

As many of you already know, we just launched our bars on all domestic United Airlines flights! For $2.99 you can now purchase a 2-bar box which includes Apple Pecan and Cherry Almond– and also give 2 meals to children in need…all from the comfort of your seat in the sky!

Moreover, we started receiving emails, text messages and comments from friends, family and strangers like this one:

 Hey Lauren,

Great speaking with you a moment ago and definitely looking forward to reconnecting back in the Bay.

Quick story: I purchased 2 Degrees bars on my United flight over to

Hibiscus Ginger Chia Fresca Recipe

Hibiscus, Ginger Chia Fresca

~Chef Barr Hogen,  2 Degrees Food~

Also known as iskiate, this beverage is popular with runners and other athletes as it’s being touted as a Superfood for endurance.

For its relative size, chia is a great source of protein, fiber and ALA (alpha linolenic acid). Just 1 ounce has11 grams of fiber and 4 gram of protein. Chia is also mildly anti-inflammatory so combined with ginger; this drink is wonderful post work out.

It’s important to use warm water when mixing the seeds in as cold water will cause the chia to clump together. Chia is …

A Trip to Haiti: Our Impact on the Ground


It’s difficult, if not impossible, to fully understand something without experiencing it firsthand. This is true in business, life and love. Last week, I had a humbling experience on a trip to Haiti that reminded me of the importance of experience.

Connecting the Dots
For the past 2 and a half years or so I have been working with my father, his partner Will, and a team of passionate social entrepreneurs for 2 Degrees Food. We are the first Buy-One-Give-One food company. This means that for every product we sell, we donate a meal to a hungry child through …