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Looking to work with a growing social enterprise to help fight childhood hunger? Looking to learn about marketing, entrepreneurship and building a brand?

What We Do:

2 Degrees is the first Buy-One-Give One food company. Our mission is simple: For every snack bar we sell, we donate a meal to a hungry child. Together we can bridge the gap between American consumers and hungry children around the world.

We rely on passionate, socially conscious college students like you to spread our mission and share our products with your friends and community.

 As a Campus Director you will be responsible for: 

  •  Increasing awareness of the 2 Degrees brand/mission/products on your campus.
  • Support sales of 2 Degrees bars at campus retail locations through frequent check-ins and account management activities.
  • Monthly communication with the 2 Degrees Program Director
  • 5+ hours per week of commitment for marketing, demos and account management activities.

What You Will Gain: 

When you become a 2 Degrees Campus Director you’re joining a team of inspired and inspiring young adults who want to share a big mission and change the world. You’ll learn valuable skills in Marketing, Event Planning, Promotions, Account Management, Networking & Leadership. Upon successful completion of our Campus Director Program you will also be able to request a letter of recommendation from our founders.

Join us as a 2 Degrees Campus Director and in return you’ll learn a ton, motivate your friends and peers to join in the fight against childhood hunger and have an incredibly rewarding experience working with a small food company with a big mission.

• In addition to the above, you will collect points by completing various activities to win exciting prizes…including the opportunity to join us on a trip to donate meals to children in need!


  1. You must currently be enrolled in college in the United States.
  2. Our products must be currently carried somewhere on your campus.
  3. This program is 1 year, so if you are going abroad, please apply when you return.
  4. You must be in good academic standing with your college or university.
  5. You must host at least 4 product demos per semester
  6. Take photos and videos of your events and post them to our Facebook group.
  7. Submit Feedback Forms once you have completed a demo or event.



  • Product demos/sampling
  • Interviews with professors, students and staff.
  • Photos & video of people on campus with 2 Degrees products
  • 1-2 events national events per year on campus that are created by 2 Degrees HQ to raise awareness about childhood hunger.



Please email campus@twodegreesfood.com

Thank you for your interest in 2 Degrees!

Buy a bar. Give a Meal. Raise the bar.



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