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Product Review: 2 Degrees Food Bar

by Fit or Fail • Domestic Square Peg

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Product Review: 2 Degrees Food Bar

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Fit or Fail

2 Degrees Cheery Almond Bar

What is a 2 Degree Food Bar?

2 Degrees Food Bar is a new product aimed at the TOMS shoes/health food market. What you will find in this modest-sized bar is plenty of quiona, chia, millet and more than a pinch of generosity.  The wrapper brags: ”Here at 2 Degrees, we believe that everyday choices can make a big difference. Instead of grabbing just any snack, you can go for one that feeds your hunger and helps do the same for another.  That’s the power of our one-for-one model: for every 2 Degrees bar you buy, we donate a meal to a hungry child.”

DSP Count Raoul 

That brings us to the TOMS Shoes angle.  This tastier-than-it-should-be Cherry Almond food bar promises to give a meal for a hungry child for every bar sold.  That’s fantastic.  They even have a photo on the back of the wrapper showing a little child tearing into what may be a ready-to-eat meal in a packet.  How cool is that?  I’ll buy this bar if I know it really is feeding a hungry child.  Good for you guys.  I hope you sell a billion.

DSP Connie 

I love the chocolate banana bar— just enough sweetness and plenty of filling fiber.  The fact that these bars are GF (gluten-free) makes it even better.  If you’re looking for a good GF food bar, I highly recommend 2 Degrees bars they, “hit the spot”, as my dad used to say.  I’ll buy them again!

DSP Dixie 

A good go-to bar, a little expensive for DSP Dixie unless on sale. Perhaps a little small for my GF husband. I’d buy them just because of their mission to feed children. I’m a sucker like that.

DSP Nurse Kris 

Love it!  Can’t think of a much better/healthier/more generous item to stick in my kid’s lunch for “snack time”.  I do agree with Dixie, they are a bit pricey at roughly three-bucks a bar, but knowing it helps feed another is worth it! As for flavor– fabulous.  My fav was the cherry-almond.  A word of caution, carry a toothpick ’cause this bar is chock-full of the kind of grains that get stuck in your teeth!

DSP Lovey 

I L-O-V-E-D them! Not just because every flavor was delicious and healthy. I felt good eating them. They are a little pricy, but every bar I eat helps feed someone in need. I should note that I am usually not a “bar” fan because most are overly sweet, but these were not. Eating the 2 Degree Food Bar will satisfy your hungry and someone elses in the world too. That is pretty cool!

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