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“great bar! Most tasty, healthy bar I’ve ever had. It is so refreshing to find a tasty bar that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it.”

“I was surprised at how delicious this bar was! I give it a thumbs up!”

“Yum! Delicious bar, easy on the go, and very filling!”

“Two degree coco banana Great texture and flavor. Tasted like real bananas.”

“Great Healthy crunch snack, I thought the bar was delicious! It had a great crunch and added something chewy and special when the quinoa hit your mouth. I really enjoyed this bar. I felt like I was eating something healthy while getting my chocolate fix with this bar. Will def be looking for these at the local store.”

“Kid approved! I didn’t get to try this because my son ate it so quickly! Guess I’ll have to order some!”

“Best Bar ever! This bar was delicious and I am looking forward to buying them again. This was my favorite thing from the box.”

“This bar is delicious and really fun to eat. The flavor is not overpowered with syrup like many other bars. The feature is great. The millet is what made me fell in love with this bar. It not only makes it fun to eat but allows me to enjoy it for longer because I take my time to chew each piece of loose millet. The many other great seeds in the bar is abundant.”

“I seriously cant get enough of these. They are really tasty and worth the cost!”

“Great gluten-free snack for a good cause, delicious snack”

“Love these bars they taste great and they support a great cause.”

“win/win, yum and good for the kiddos!”

“My daughter is a runner and highly enjoyed this !!”

“Great bar! This bar was very good with lots of whole nuts. The taste was great and I love the concept of the bar.”